3D Facial Analysis Beauty machine,skin analyzer
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skin analyzer
3D  Facial Analysis Beauty machine
  • 3D  Facial Analysis Beauty machine
  • 3D  Facial Analysis Beauty machine

3D Facial Analysis Beauty machine

Item No.: MLB-FA01
Work Therapy :

Skin analyzer is a self-contained unit that captures multi-spectral photos of the face, examining the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores), UV spots (characteristic of  photodamage, typically from overexposure to sun),  pigmented spots and acne. Additionally, SA2 grades an  individual’s skin features relative to others of the same  age and skin type. Using animated analysis, a skin care  expert will create a customized skin core regimen  designed for professional face health analysis.

1.Analyze skin situation by high resolution RGB / UV photo taking. 2.Demonstrate skin defects such as spots, Pore, Evenness Acne and Sun-damage. 3.Check the quality of cosmetics of SPF and PA ++ as well for reference of beauty solutions.

What Aspects Are Analyzed?
Spots: Spots are typically brown or red skin lesions including freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and vascular lesions.

Wrinkles: Wrinkles are furrows, folds or creases in the skin.

Texture: Texture is primarily an analysis of skin smoothness.

Pores: Pores are the circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts.

UV Spots: UV spots occur when melanin coagulates below the skin surface as a result of sun damage.

Brown Spots: Brown spots are lesions on the skin such as hyper-pigmentation, freckles, lentigines, melasma.

Red Areas: Red areas represent a variety of conditions such as acne, inflammation, rosacea or spider veins.

Porphyrins: Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can become lodged in pores and lead to acne.

Treatment Steps : 

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