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3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device
  • 3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device
  • 3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device
  • 3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device

3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device

This product is based on human physiology and ergonomics theory, combined with three slimming functions such as RF radio frequency wave, ultrasound, nano ultrasound developed by the professional slimming device.
3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device
1. Product title

Factory Direct Supply Discharging Acid Scraping Dredging Meridians Sculpting Ultrasonic Beauty Machine of New 3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device for Home using

2. Keywords

Weight loss equipment, sculpting machine, ultrasonic weight loss instrument, Sculpting Weight Loss Device

3. Product introduction

This product is based on human physiology and ergonomics theory, combined with three slimming functions such as RF radio frequency wave, ultrasound, nano ultrasound developed by the professional slimming device. Through burning fat, blasting fat and conditioning, it fully activates the body's fat decomposition ability and muscle reconstruction ability, which can effectively tighten the female arm, back, waist and abdomen, hip and thigh muscles, to reshape the female body curve. The instrument is equipped with RF facial shaping system, which can accelerate the regeneration and tightening of facial collagen, instantly repair facial problems, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, and reshape a beautiful face.

4. Application scope

For fat, obesity, and sub-healthy people

5. Product features and efficacy
1) Features
  • a. Strong fat blasting for fat removal.
  • b. To dissolve fat, drainage the lymph, and tighten the skin
  • c. To improve the cellulite, slimming and shaping the body
  • d. For anti-aging, acid discharging and postpartum care
2) Efficacy
  • a. Negative pressure suction handle: Therapy of scrapping, cupping, and liposuction Through the combination of vacuum negative pressure and photoelectricity, the course of treatment can clear lymph, accelerate the body's metabolism and blood circulation. As a result, it will accelerate toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption, relieve pain, care human’s health, so as to achieve the purpose of acid discharging. High-frequency radiofrequency can produce direct adiposomes so that adipocyte tissue can generate heat energy and friction heat of the cell body in an accelerated state of activity, which will increase the local temperature. By the sweat glands with vacuum suction through the negative pressure massage, thick fat directly blasts with the obvious effect.
  • b. Ultrasound handle: Weight loss, fat blasting, and dissolving Powerful blasting removes fat. It launches a strong frequency of 40000HZ by the focused ultrasound handle that vibrates fat cells extremely fast. The impingement of the fat cell causes its cell membrane to implode, leading the triglycerides to dissolve into glycerin and free fatty acids, which causes the rupture of fat cells to achieve the effect of weight loss. Focused ultrasound only targets at the fat layer and adipose tissue. It has no effect on other organs and tissues of the body so that it will not cause any harm to the body.
  • c. Heat vibration handle: vibration massaging Vibration massage handle produces a magnetic field, vibration, and heat when working. It can obviously improve and comfort the symptoms of dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, lumbar and cervical pain. Its magnetic wave pulsation can accurately heat under the epidermis and dermis even subcutaneous adipose tissue, producing immediate tissue contraction and long-term collagen regeneration and increasing skin elasticity to achieve the effect of beauty and health. Men are able to clear the stomach, detox, and reduce the belly of the beer, which is good for the abdomen. Women can warm the uterus, beautify, solve dysmenorrhea, and whiten the dark yellow skin.
  • d. Meridians brush handle: Scrapping, electricity therapy, meridians dredging, physical treatment to care health Operating head uses magnetic energy to heat, dredge the whole body meridian, promote lymphatic detoxification, blood circulation, and regulate energy and blood. Using the far infrared ray to activate the energy of human cells to stimulate the meridian, the handle can dredge the meridian to achieve "general painless", activate energy to blood, eliminate toxin, regulate Yin and Yang, and quickly dredge the lymphatic vessels and meridian of the whole body. The physiotherapy brush can act on all parts of the body and achieve good detoxification soothing effect, effectively improving all kinds of pain such as backache, periarthritis of shoulder, waist and leg weakness.
  • e. Facial negative pressure suction handle: Therapy of scrapping, cupping, and liposuction According to the acid-base balance theory, the diseased parts of the body accumulate large amounts of acidic substances, which are what we call wastes that are not metabolized by the body. The3D Sculpting Weight Loss Device integrates several functions of light, electricity, magnetism and infrared ray into one, aiming at the modern sub-health condition, achieving the functions of relaxation, physiotherapy, and beauty. Through vacuum suction, far infrared ray, magnetic therapy, and photoelectric combination, the instrument dredge lymphatic meridians, accelerating the metabolism of the body, blood circulation, speeding up the metabolism of toxins and the absorption of nutrients, relieving pain and health care, so as to achieve the purpose of acid discharging.
6. Operation steps:
  • 1) Apply the product with ultrasonic wave handle in a circular motion at a constant speed until absorption (10 minutes for the whole face).
  • 2) Use the meridian brush with essential oil to circle and press the meridian direction. Use scrapping and detoxification massage to clear up the blockage (20 minutes for the whole face).
  • 3) Then use the negative pressure suction handle according to the body structure meridian movement traction to achieve the effect of excretion and detoxification, breast enhancement and lifting arm (15 minutes for full face).
  • 4) Finally, physiotherapy massaging with heat vibration handle can relieve pressure, relax muscles, promote blood circulation and other effects, and effectively target at female uterine cold and chest physiotherapy (15 minutes for the whole face).
  • 5) The facial negative pressure suction handle with facial products such as essential oil, stock solution, by the six-line operation to enhance the face can achieve detoxification of the whole face lifting and tightening effect. (Full face for 10 minutes)
7. Safety precautions
  • 1) The instrument should be cleaned thoroughly after use to make it as new as possible and extend its life of the operation.
  • 2) Instrument sessions are not recommended during pregnancy or within 3 months postpartum.
  • 3) Treatment with this device is not recommended for patients with serious diseases.
  • 4) Do not dismantle, repair or modify the instrument without permission.
  • 5) Be sure to turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug from the socket after using the instrument.
  • 6) Pay attention to fire protection, sunscreen, moisture-proof, anti-impact, accessories and tools need to be placed properly.
  • 1) Keep level when moving the machine to avoid vibration and collision.
  • 2) When cleaning the equipment, turn off the power and pull out the plug.
  • 3) People with a heart pacemaker, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, pregnant women cannot use.
  • 4) Remove the metal object before the operation
  • 5) Do not use if there is an injury on the skin
  • 6) The intensity of using should be adjusted according to individual tolerance
  • 7) People with sensitive skin should use with caution or reduce the use time accordingly
  • 8) Do not apply directly to the face without media

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