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Aqua dermabrasion facial skin care
5 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine 11 in 1 Bubble Cleansing machine
  • 5 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine 11 in 1 Bubble Cleansing machine
  • 5 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine 11 in 1 Bubble Cleansing machine
  • 5 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine 11 in 1 Bubble Cleansing machine

5 in 1 hydro microdermabrasion machine 11 in 1 Bubble Cleansing machine

Item:Vertical Bubble Cleansing Instrument
The temperature of the hammer:0-5℃
handle: 5 in 1 to 11 in 1
►1. Product detail

Korean Vertical Bubble Cleansing Beauty Instrument Micro bubbles Cleansing
Professional Oxygen-water Skin Tendering Management Device for Beauty Salon

►2. Features 

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Skin Cleanser, water and oxygen bubble cleanser, Bubble cleanser for beauty salon, Facial skin management device,
Blackhead suction instrument

►3. Principle

A vacuum loop is formed by vacuum negative pressure to fully combine the microbubbles and nutrient solution.
A specially designed small spiral suction handle acts directly on the skin and can keep the ultra-small bubbles in
contact with the skin for a long time to promote the peeling effect. The Vertical Bubble Cleansing Instrument
combined with absorption, deep cleansing in a comfortable state, it can safely and painlessly clean the face deeply,
remove aged horniness, sebum, and all kinds of impurities in the pores. Meanwhile, it can make the pores full of nutrients
and provide lasting nutrition for the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.

►4. efficacy
1) Care for deep skin cleaning
2) Efficacy
  • a. Acne removal: for acne seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis. Remove mites and skin allergens.
  • b. Improve skin quality: whiten the skin, improve the skin complexion and skin quality.
  • c. Clean the skin, deeply hydrates and promotes skin metabolism.
  • d. Shrink pores to remove blackheads and increase the skin transparency: Tender and whiten the skin to improve the dark and yellow complexion, and remove the double chin
  • e. Delay aging: it is used for the preoperative and postoperative nursing of exfoliating skin reconstruction, which can alleviate aging.
  • f. Deep cleansing and promotion metabolism: Deeply clean the skin and moisturize at the same time. Promote the skin's metabolism rate. Remove blackheads, improve the skin laxity, shrink pores and increase skin transparency with the effect of skin whitening, improving skin dullness, removing dark and yellow complexion and skin quality.
  • g. For the forehead: Fade the forehead wrinkles and improve the skin gloss. For the canthus: Remove canthus tiny wrinkles, spots, dehydration For the face: Remodel full skin with rejuvenation and contract pores For the neck: Improve jowls, sagging skin, and fade neck wrinkles
►5. Accessory introduction
  • 1) Bubble cleanser handle: Deeply clean pores, moisturize and whiten the skin, remove cutin, tighten the skin, and introduce essence and improve oily skin.
  • 2) For oxygen production, oxygen supplementation, oxygen injection, moisturizing, oil control, acne removal, nutrition introduction
  • 3) Ultrasound import products: Quickly import essence nutrition, accelerate absorption and decompose fat to keep skin elastic, and give skin good nutrition care after cleaning.
  • 4) Radiofrequency handle: activate collagen cells, tighten the skin, deeply remove wrinkles, modify facial contour, increase skin elasticity and luster, whiten and tenderize skin, and fade necklines.
  • 5) Ice hammer calms the skin: ice hammer temperature in 0-5 ℃ can effectively tighten pores, fade eye circles and bags, and import essence.

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