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Body Health Care Equipment Dredge Meridian Regimen Machine
  • Body Health Care Equipment Dredge Meridian Regimen Machine
  • Body Health Care Equipment Dredge Meridian Regimen Machine

Body Health Care Equipment Dredge Meridian Regimen Machine

The third generations of holographic health preserving therapy will take effect with one time treatment.
Nourish vital energy, firm tibia, relieve pain
Dissipate cold, dissipate congestion, and dredge channels and collaterals
Cure phlegm and dampness stagnation, softness disperse, replenish Qi and consolidate the essence
The fourth generation magic gravity handles
Intermediate frequency electrotherapy dredging
Knead and massage. Make you generate fever and keep warm. Warm your main and collateral channels and disperse cold. Activate Qi and dredge collaterals.
Negative pressure lymphatic drainage
Make you generate fever via negative pressure. Do lymphatic detoxification. Do cuppings. Dredge your main and collateral channels. Magnet vibration massage
Make you generate fever via magnet. Warm your uterus and kidney. Massage your body through vibration. Relax your whole body.
Reduce body weight by negative pressure
Super suction. Fat reducing and body shaping. Scraping and dispelling dampness. Breast lifting and buttocks raising.
Reinforce Yang and prevent from exhaustion of Yang/ acupuncture and moxibustion pot
It can achieve the function of warming meridians and dispersing cold, activating Qi and dredging collaterals, and expelling toxin and releasing heat.
Apply professional physiotherapy to relieve pain and reduce blood pressure.
Scraping and detoxification on the back promotes metabolism.
Bactericidal sedation / micro electric channel brush
Calm muscles with strong penetration
Heat energy and dredge collaterals, which can effectively dredge nervous muscles and eliminate orange peel tissue.
Bioelectricity therapy can make meridians instantly open and eliminate the pain after get through the collaterals.
Probe heating / negative pressure scraping
It is suitable for large area dredging and physiotherapy on the back.
Heat energy plays an active role in tense muscle tissue.
Vacuum negative pressure can accelerate the work of lymphatic system and accelerate blood circulation.