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Needleless mesotherapy
EMS Importing Beauty Machine
  • EMS Importing Beauty Machine

EMS Importing Beauty Machine

Function:EMS Water Injection, Whitening and tendering
Operation place:Beauty salon/skin management studio/home
Target User:General
►product introduction

EMS composite biological wave uses special waveform combined with dual RF and
single crystal silicon wafer acts on different layers of skin, making the product more
permeable. It breaks the new trend of needle-free water injection, solves the problem
of skin absorption and effect, and achieves painless and non-invasive process.


1. Needle hydro-photometer, the Aqua instrument, Hyaluronic acid injection instrument,
M³Hydro Lifting Gun, Beauty instrument.
2. composite bioelectricity and radio frequency
3. Quick and easy cleaning
4.New structure
5. Convenient operation

► Applicable ground

For each type of skin of people

  • a. Nanocrystalline crystal handle can quickly open skin pores and comprehensively enhance skin care absorption 
  • b. Improve melanin, remove tiny lines, crow's feet and other wrinkles.
  • c. It can be used for moisturizing dry skin, hydrating, tendering and whitening.
  • d. Improve flabby skin, activate cells, regenerate collagen and make skin tender and white.
  • e. Remove acne and shrink pores.


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