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Private and postpartum repair
Hip bone conditioning instrument
  • Hip bone conditioning instrument
  • Hip bone conditioning instrument
  • Hip bone conditioning instrument
  • Hip bone conditioning instrument

Hip bone conditioning instrument

Color: New Black Enjoyment Edition
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Power: 160W
Model: HiP-A0242017
Place of use: Beauty salon, Moon Club, Family, Postpartum Restoration Chain Store
Functions: Pelvic correction, postpartum repair, ovarian maintenance, hip tightnes
Product Description:

Every woman is eager to have a petite and perfect sexy buttocks. Therefore, in order to achieve this aspiration, they are exercising hard to do buttocks movement, smear the cream of weight loss and buttocks warping. But sometimes, they find things are contrary to their wishes. After making efforts, they find that the result is bad, and their buttocks does not become perfect as imagination. This may be a problem with the pelvis, which needs to be treated the bone cut and body slimming.

A pelvic test to see if your pelvis is deformed
  • 1 the height of the left and right knees is inconsistent when the plantar is aligned to sit down.
  • 2 feel fat in the lower part of the body.
  • 3 feel pain in cervical spine and shoulder.
  • 4 bra straps often fall from the same place.
  • 5 often use the same side of the teeth to chew food.
  • 6 often use the same shoulder to hold bag.
  • 7 always cross the legs when sit down.
  • 8 caused by sex life and the childbirth.
The deformation of the pelvis can cause many problems
It is painful and irregular for menstruation.
The length and curvature of the pelvis are different.
Backache (One who is severe in backache may cause lumbar disc herniation, spinal inflammation, sciatic neuritis, etc.).
Uncomfortable caused by uterine and ovarian pressure.
Skin problems
Upper body tilt
Hypogastric obesity
The belly button is below the waist line or off the centerline.
Neck slanting
Shoulder tilt upward
The hips of both sides are different in height.
O leg (curved leg)
The severe may cause incontinence.
Four characteristics of hip repair instrument
  • 1 warming effect
  • It can improve blood flow and learning speed, improve blood circulation and dysmenorrhea of lower limbs.
  • 2 chassis vibration
  • It can help lymphatic return, relieve nervous tension, relieve pressure and relieve pain.
  • 3 remote infrared ray
  • Arched remote infrared rays release remote infrared rays into the interior, repair damaged cells, relieve fatigue and dredge meridians.
  • 4 balloon pressure
  • The rhythmic compression and relaxation of the four balloons on the pelvis can improve the hip droop caused by pelvic width.
Matters needing attention in hip repair instrument
  • 1 Those who are suffered from critical problems in internal surgical operation.
  • 2 Those who are sick or uses medicines for a long term are prohibited.
  • 3 Those who are suffered from poliomyelitis (poliomyelitis).
  • 4 Those who are in the initial stage of fracture and joint dislocation.
  • 5 Those who are weak in physical and cannot afford minor effects.
  • 6 Those who are physically unfit.
  • 7 The elderly, pregnant women and children should not be used.
  • 8 Do not use this instrument during menstrual period.
  • 9 It may be felt painful in feet and some slight painful in the first 15 days. These symptoms are caused by the pressure of the balloon to stimulate the muscles that are not used properly. These symptoms will disappear after using the product 15 to 30 days.

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