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Water Oxygen Bubble Cleaning Series
Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete
  • Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete
  • Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete
  • Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete
  • Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete
  • Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete

Hydrogen vanadium superoxide hydromete

Titanium hydrogen superoxide hydrate instrument is a beauty instrument with constant temperature, superoxide, AI intelligent control, deep moisturizing, whitening and tender skin. Japan titanium hydrogen superoxide hydrate instrument adopts vacuum negativ

Titanium hydrogen superoxide hydrate instrument is a beauty instrument with constant temperature, superoxide, AI intelligent control, deep moisturizing, whitening and tender skin. Japan titanium hydrogen superoxide hydrate instrument adopts vacuum negative pressure combined with specific solution, which has low stimulation effect of skin grinding.

Through a specially designed small spiral head direct effects on the skin absorption, and can keep ultra small bubbles in contact with the skin for a long time, promote the exfoliation, the tiny bubbles and the combination of adsorption, under the conditions of no pain deep clean the skin thoroughly remove hair follicles bucket of various impurities, mites and grease, make hair follicles funnel are full of nutrients at the same time, the skin more moist, delicate luster, water tender water tender like a baby, and still you dance the peacock.

Applicable people:

suitable for people with any skin.

  • A, AI intelligent control, xiaomei recognition feedback "hello master" this time password can control the probe, as long as you make a sound; Intelligent small beauty also supports voice wake up the water absorption function, when the beautiful voice recognition module after entering sleep need to wake up the little beauty awakens the password "hello" small feedback after identification of the password at this time of "master" hello "to open the water suction pen" water suction pen into the working state, at the same time, small beauty return password had "open suction pen" (but does not support voice awakens the pipette heating function and the function of the super oxygen).
  • B. Constant temperature heating: the smart xiaomei also adds the function of heating the water temperature of the water grinding brush. When the water grinding brush works, select the HEAD icon on the screen and the heating function of the water grinding brush starts. After heating for about 2 minutes, the suction brush can be grinded out of the warm water. When the heating temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating function stops, and the heating function starts automatically when the temperature is lower than the set temperature. Four seasons can be used, winter is not afraid of the cold, the micro bubble for a long time gentle pro-skin, skin to achieve a long soft, moist water oxygen.
  • C. Lasting moisturizing, due to constant attention to oxygen, water and oxygen combination, activation of moisturizing factor, lasting moisturizing.
  • D. simple operation and easy to understand; Multiple functional probes can be controlled intelligently, quickly, simply and conveniently.
  • E. High-tech treatment handle, more accurate operation, full combination of water and oxygen, repeated stimulation of oxygen and water flow can avoid epidermal edema.
  • F, superoxide solution in water made of superoxide water, superoxide water can not only sterilization and very clear sanitation. Domestic bath, business USES public bath to install exceed oxygen to reach can make skin cleanness already, smooth tender, eliminate body bacterium to also can let the skin blood vessel end of the whole body absorb fresh oxygen, stimulative blood circulates, stimulative cell metabolism, prevent ageing.g、Why can ozone water hairdressing? Ozone (O3), also known as superoxygen, is the allotrope of oxygen (O3), at room temperature, it is a special smell of light blue gas. The ozone theme is distributed in the stratosphere at an altitude of 10-50km, with a maximum of 20-30km. At room temperature and pressure, the stability is poor, can be decomposed into oxygen. Ozone has the flavor of grass, inhaling a small amount of beneficial to the human body. Ozone dissolves in water and makes ozone water. Ozone water not only kills bacteria. And very clean and sanitary. Domestic bath, business USES communal bath to install ozone machine, can be skin already white, smooth tender, eliminate body bacterium, also can let the skin blood-vessel end of the whole body absorb fresh oxygen, stimulative blood circulates, metabolism, prevent ageing, still can avoid bath sound vapor to diffuse the worry that 2 bring about anoxia. In Europe and the United States, the application of ozone beauty instrument widely prevalent, that is, "oxygen therapy."
  • A. thoroughly clean skin problems, improve dark yellow skin, reduce wrinkles, dry lines and fine lines, remove black eye circles, remove acne, exfoliate skin, brighten skin tone, maintain moisture for a long time, whiten and tenderize skin, and restore your youthful appearance.
  • B. While removing aged keratinocytes, high concentration of emulsion + oxygen injection is injected into the absorbed part. After treatment, the skin is completely dehydrated, moist, smooth and shiny. Adjust the amount of emulsion through the supply tube located in the center of the control head, soften the cells, and absorb sebum secretions and impurities for physical therapy. Vacuum out dead cells and impurities. Collagen promotes the inhibition of reactive oxygen species and delays skin aging.
  • C. nowadays, people's lifestyle of smoking and sleeping late is one of the main causes of skin oxygen deficiency. When the person arrives middle age, skin layer adipose belt oxygen content is young only when half, in inputting oxygen directly in skin basic level, can increase the vigor of the cell effectively, stimulative metabolism, with the aid of spray gun pen infuse pure oxygen in skin, cooperate hairdress product to be able to make skin younger
  • D. constant temperature heating means that it can be used well all the year round. Especially in the cold winter, customers don't need to worry about the phenomenon of cold and freezing, because this product has the function of constant temperature heating, which can open skin pores, skin care essence can quickly go deep into the deep skin of the human body, and achieve the effect of reducing wrinkles, removing spots, whitening and tender skin.
  • A relieve acne, clear mites and remove deep roots in the skin; Improve skin quality and make skin bright;
  • B deep cleaning, moisturizing the skin while cleaning and promoting skin metabolism;
  • C. Shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne, and promote cell regeneration;
  • D firming the skin, firming the skin, shrinking the pores, improving the double chin;
  • E to alleviate aging, used for preoperative and postoperative care of skin exfoliation reconstructive surgery called skin exfoliation reconstructive surgery, to alleviate aging.
  • 1. Suitable for all skin types: it is applicable to all skin types, with personalized positioning, quantitative formula and comprehensive removal of facial wrinkles and other problems.
  • 2, non-invasive painless: with professional ink pen, oxygen spray pen, intelligent identification, fast, accurate, efficient, safe and painless.
  • 3. Traceless treatment: intelligent equipment and ultra-micro osmosis technology are adopted. No operation is required and no recovery is required after the operation.
  • 4. Dead wood returns to spring: use this instrument for many times to double the effect, improve the skin quality, keep the nutrition, and make the skin shine again like a newborn girl.
Introduction of each probe
  • 1. Bubble pen: deeply cleans skin stains.
  • 2. Superoxide spray pen: water replenishment can make water molecules decompose into 0.28um nano-level spray particles with high frequency atomization vibration, which can reach the skin base.
  • 3. Ice hammer: shrink pores and release ice molecules to coagulate on the skin and penetrate into the basal layer of the skin, so that skin channels can promote skin pores to contract and form a layer of natural frozen film on the skin surface to protect skin nutrients.
  • 4. Rf: positioning tissue heating, opening pores, making collagen under the skin shrink and tighten, making wrinkles lighter and producing new collagen.
  • 5, ultrasound: ultrasound is mainly introduced into the product, the nutrient solution into the subcutaneous tissue to promote microcirculation skin revitalization, so that the skin deep rapid absorption.
  • 6, scraper knife: mainly exfoliate, black head, to the face to deep to stain.
  • 7. Voice recognition control function: through xiaomei voice recognition probes, the nutrient solution can be quickly and accurately purified into human skin to achieve efficient absorption, simple operation and convenience.
Appearance inspection
  • 1. Check whether there are scratches, glue marks and other dirt on the shell and handle of the main engine. Test whether the PVC mask is pasted firmly. Test the wire for scratches. Main engine screw, handle screw and aviation head are tightened. Airhead direction. Whether the silk screen is correct.
  • 2. Power on to check whether the display screen is clear.
  • 3. Shake the host and handle to see if there is any abnormal sound. Whether the silicone attachment on the gun is tightened.
  • 4. Check whether the label is attached completely. Check the silicone thread for scratches.
  • 5. Check whether the gap of the instrument is in accordance with the standards. No gap is too large. Check whether the wire rod aviation head screw is tightened.
  • 6. Whether the screw plug cap on the handle is installed or not, the leather scraper shock blade and the sealing rubber ring shall be sealed with sealant, and the sealant shall not be exposed outside.
  • 7. Whether the tracheal intubation hole of ABC bottle is suitable, 1-2mm larger than the tracheal diameter is generally better.
Unsuitable crowds
  • 1, the skin has a wound, avoid the wound or do not do.
  • 2, people with epilepsy do;Heart disease patients (such as arrhythmia), especially with pacemakers are prohibited.
  • 3. It is forbidden for cancer patients.
  • 4. Patients with infectious diseases are prohibited.
  • 6. It is forbidden for pregnant women.
  • 7. It is prohibited for patients with major surgery and diabetes.
  • 8. Do not use any metal in the body.