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Acupoints to remove pouch

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-24 11:57
It is always a trouble for women having pouch that make people look cheerless. There are many ways for pouch removal on the Internet but it is hard to find a method which is both economical and effective. What is more, surgery to remove bags under the eyes is too risky and easy to rebound. So what should we do? Now, we will introduce a few of the chakras that you have to massage that you can easily remove the annoying pouches.
When you look in the mirror and you realize that you have an eye bag, you must take it seriously, especially women over 25 years old. Because the pouch is a warning that your skin is sagging and your skin has a metabolic problem, and the stimulation of the temple can promote the metabolism of the skin. Close your eyes gently, press your thumb on your temple with both hands, repeat 10 times, and stay for 3-5 seconds each time. This acupoint can be found in front of the auricle, on both sides of the forehead and above the extension line of the outer canthus.
When you drink excessive amount of water, kidney metabolism will be increased, or eye edema due to poor quality of sleep. In this case, it is necessary to activate the lumbar region of the fish to accelerate the drainage and drainage capability of the eyes, so that the eyes skin can remove the edema as soon as possible. The Yuyao acupoint is right in the middle of the pupil and the middle of the eyebrows. So use your index finger to massage your eyebrows and massage it gently until you feel the heat in your eyebrows.
Stimulated by computer and light ray, plus regular night stay, it causes serious melanin precipitation in the skin of the eyes. Massaging Chengqi acupoint can activate blood circulation and change silt, then promote the collision of melanin molecules, and quickly metabolize out of the body. Rub the lower eyelid with your index finger. Because right below the pupil, the eye and the lower margin of the eye socket are the location of the crypt. Massage this area 30 times.
In the arid season, the periocular skin lack of water nutrition. Long - term fatigue around the eye allows fine lines to appear on the tail of the eye. You need to press the Tongzi acupoint to enhance the ability to lock water around the skin of your eyes, and then you can tighten the tiny wrinkle. The Tongzi acpoint is located on the lateral side of the eye and the indentation of the abdomen. By rubbing your index finger at the end of your eye and massaging your 15 times, you can effectively prevent the striations.
Face massage machine using a far-infrared long pulse laser can effectively improve dark circles under the eyes and help remove bags under the eyes. The skin massage machine process does not require surgery, which can avoid postoperative adverse reactions may occur without leaving scars. It is necessary to ensure therapeutic effect and safety of golden eye treatment when treat with pouches.
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