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Alkaline water, electrolyzed water, oxygenated water... Is it so magical on earth?

Water is the source of life. Just because everyone cannot live without it, some businessmen seize this rare opportunity to make a big fuss about water. From the earliest possible sale of oxygenated water to bottled water, and now the "functional water", which has a variety of health care functions, is widely used in the development of water. So, is there any magical effect of functional water in business propaganda?

First is the alkaline water. From the medical point of view, for people with stomach disease, generally the gastric acid secretion is too much, drinking alkaline water can neutralize gastric acid, make the stomach comfortable, but this is only a superficial phenomenon, in fact, the stomach, in order to neutralize alkaline water, will secrete more gastric acid, thereby aggravating the stomach burden, will make the condition even more serious. That is to say, it is not true to drink alkaline water for a long time to nourishing the stomach. If drinking alkaline water has such a magical effect, then eating a steamed bread can also be done. Alkaline water claims to be able to drain uric acid and reduce blood viscosity and increase water intake.