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Another deception: water from bottled water is better than drinking pure water as well as more precious oxygenated water

Truth: not necessarily, water that meets hygiene standards can be drunk. Filling the water source and opening the factory in the forest can give people a natural green feeling, but not necessarily better. There is no evidence that the trace elements retained in the water can effectively promote health and even cure the disease, but the retained trace elements can affect the taste, so some water filling water some people feel better.

Look at the deception: weak alkaline water can maintain high pH value in the body, shape alkaline constitution, and even cure all diseases. The truth: weak alkali water is the biggest trick that flickers you. The human body is a stable system. The pH value of the body will not change easily with the change of the external environment. Drinking water is useless. More generally, the basic constitution is not necessarily healthy.

In fact, there is oxygen in common tap water. Your tap water is open, there is oxygen in it, and oxygenated water is not unusual. Seven of the Swindle: oxygen - containing water is healthier. Truth: false, you don't add oxygen to the water. Even if it is rich in water, the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is the highest per liter of 80 milliliters of oxygen. The average adult has 100 milliliters of oxygen in each breath. The amount of oxygen in water is negligible for people who breathe the whole day.