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Body care is just as important as facial care

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-07 10:48
In general, the care of the body is always ignored, but if only the maintenance of the face is good, while ignoring the maintenance of the body, the skin is still a mark of years. As we grow older, our bodies weaken and our skin relaxes. And that's why we need to exercise more, because exercise can excrete the sweat from the body, and it can boost the metabolism, excrete the waste from the body, and keep the skin of the body to its original elasticity.
There will be some pimples in the body parts such as the back, which are dark and imperfect. It is due to that build-up of cutin in body skin that cause bacteria to grow and promote acne. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove the cutin around once every week to promote metabolism of your body's skin. The cleaning agent used should be well selected when bathing. The shower gel is a slightly gentler attribute, which is good for the dry skin. Of course, if the person who has oily skin wants to use the bath lotion, it can also choose the refreshing oil-controlled type. More importantly, after using the shower gel it is better to use body cream that is more moisturizing to the body, which will improve your skin's ability to retain moisture and keep your skin smooth and supple.
Outdoor activities can promote heat generation, sweat, metabolic function, stimulation of the cerebral cortex, and body temperature regulation. When taking exercise, we ought to combine movement with break that running exercises should not be too dramatic. It is more effective to massage and stimulate that acupoints of both feet at the same time. Keep walk for more than half an hour, and move that feet. Rub the soles of your feet morning and evening to improve blood circulation. It's also a good selection of body care machines, like a body massage machine or facial muscle tightening machine.
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