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Does Placenta work for anti-aging

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-09 09:54
In April 2015, the Swiss pharmaceutical regulatory authority completely banned sheep placenta anti-aging therapy in the country. There was a report that said, "There's no scientific evidence to suggest that there is any anti-aging effect on the treatment of the placenta, and that the treatment has significant health risks." And sheep placenta injections have been found to be unsafe in the past few years. However, as an important discovery in the anti-aging research, many business man are reluctant to give up. So it's applied to the health products and the skin-care area and advertise the efficacy of the skin and to resist the aging process rather than an ultrasonic facial machine.
At present, sheep placenta on the market is mostly extracted from embryo. The placenta is a structure formed in the uterine wall during their pregnancy, which is the organ that connects the mother to the fetus. Its main function is to transport oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the developing fetus and to help clean up the metabolites in the fetus' blood. Sheep placenta contains a certain amount of protein, a variety of amino acids and minerals. In addition, it also contains enzymes, cytokines and a variety of hormones, such as sheep's growth hormone, corticotropin-releasing hormone, prolactin, estradiol, estrogen ketone and so on. While sheep may contain a variety of ingredients, the bioactive ingredients of procedures for under eye wrinkles therein remain undefined.
Researchers at home and abroad have done some research on this. These studies are mostly carried out on cells or animals. In foreign countries, most studies on sheep placenta only involve the most basic physiological and pharmacological effects, and most of the experiments are only carried out in sheep. The function of sheep placenta is rarely recorded in foreign literature. One of the most representative studies, done in 1996 by Nigerian researchers, showed that dried sheep placenta may contain an oxytocin active substance that may aid in childbirth.
A few and single studies have been conducted on the effects of fetoprotein on anti-aging, wrinkle treatment, anti-fatigue and regulating immune function in animals or cells. But that's not enough to support some of the anti-aging claims currently on the market. The research on sheep placenta needs to be further improved to reassure consumers.
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