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Dramatic shutdown of The Ordinary

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-22 11:41
The Ordinary, short name as TO, is a brand of skin care essence that is very popular with people in North America because of its effective ingredient. Each production is simply named as its main active-chemical ingredient. Although the price is cheap, the effect of the skin care series cannot be underestimated. Wayne Goss, a famous Youtuber who specializes in cosmetic makeup and skin care, has recommended several series of TO skin care production again and again. As a result, TO becomes a famous brand.
There are two features of the simple-package brand such as strong ingredients and low price of the production. The product has 10% niacinamide and 2% retinol, and various high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients as well as vitamin C, which can brighten the skin tone, significantly improve the uniformity of skin texture, and fade the spots on the face.
However, a dramatic scene turned into facts. The founder of TO, Brandon Truaxe, posted a video on the official Instagram account, announcing that the company would stop operations. He berated people who had described him as a drug dealer and a porn performer over the past 13 years, and revealed that most of the company was involved in criminal or financial crimes. The video also refers to some celebrities and some famous company brand such as LVMH, Donald Trump, H&M, and TOM FORD, etc. He said that they would suffered from legal punishment one day.
Whether it is a marketing strategy or otherwise, this storm is actually contributing to the sales volume of the brand. People hurried in buying The Ordinary skin products through various channels as much as they can, especially whitening and spot-fading series.
In fact, in addition to whitening skin care products, there are many ways to make our skin white. For example, traditional Chinese medicine internal regulation, and microdermabrasion treatment. The skin care devices can also have an excellent effect in not only facial skin but also body whitening.
The best professional microdermabrasion machine can protect you from the dark yellow and aging chloasma, even if The Ordinary shuts down.
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