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News by ninechip | On 2019-01-04 10:29
There are a lot of people who choose to tattoo their eyebrow in order not to waste time in make up every day, which can not only save cosmetic time, but also has a beautiful eyebrow shape.
The eyebrow tattoo in the past is to use a tiny needle to puncture the skin with a kind of metallic oxide pigment injected into the dermis that cannot be absorbed into human body to tint the skin to reach a permanent effect. The semi-permanent eyebrow is inserted into 0.1-0.2mm of the skin surface by the natural pigment through the eyebrow tattoo equipment. It adopts the color material approved by FDA of the United States, because it is a natural plant pigment and eyebrow tattoo pigment is only on the surface of the skin, so the characteristics of the semi-permanent eyebrows are obvious, and it is also very acceptable for modern aesthetic concepts.
Eyebrow tattoo tool can increase the thickness of your eyebrows as if it is in the makeup of eyebrow powder. It not only increases the overall beauty of the face, but also suitable for people with sparse or acquired eyebrows, poor eyebrow shape, scars and uneven eyebrows.
When you have your semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, you should pay attention to the color that it had better be light rather than dark. This is very important because there are individual differences between people. Such as the nature of the skin, skin elasticity, skin color. Different skin characteristics have different degrees of absorption of liquid medicine, and everyone has different requirements on the depth of eyebrow color.
If the color is darker at one time, it is difficult to fade, and it is difficult to repair when the patient is not satisfied. If the color is light, you can also make up for it by darkening it so as to make the patient as satisfactory as possible. The eyebrow should be short and not long. It's the only way to make beautiful eyebrows.
Professional semi-permanent makeup technology uses the latest 3D eyebrow planning and design methods with the most advanced eyebrow materials. Choose the appropriate hair color according to individual differences, and design the ideal eyebrow shape according to each person's facial features and face shape before making it, so as to make the eyebrow effect natural and fresh.
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