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Freezing fat to lose weight

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-25 15:11
The fundamental principle that we lose weight is that we intake fewer calories than we put out. When we take in less heat but we need to consume more than that, our body will take the initiative to take out a portion of the stored fat instead of the calories consumed, to supply the person's daily activity. Usually when we want to burn a lot of calories, the post effective way is to exercise, or speed up the metabolic rate.
For people who want to lose weight in the past, they can only choose to do traditional liposuction, which is painful and risky. But now a team of researchers in the United States has found that it is possible to remove excess body fat by freezing. The technology, which has been approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) and the European safety standard (CE), is the newest weight-loss technique.
Since the discovery of frozen fat reduction technology, compared with liposuction and other medical beauty fat reduction technology, it is not so familiar to everyone. Now, we will gradually explain the principle and the relevant professional knowledge of fat reduction field that you are concerned about, so that you can better understand the frozen fat reduction.
The concept of freeze therapy for fat summarized in the most concise words that it can accurately freeze subcutaneous fat cells to crystallize and apoptosis the fat cells being treated. In the next few weeks, your body will naturally metabolize these apoptotic fat cells to achieve the shaping effect.
General speaking, freeze sculpting is to lock and frozen fat cells, then thy will be crystallized and apoptozed, and eventually passed out. How do these dying cells get out of the body? Is it gonna be harmful to your body? The number of fat cells in the body is fixed, and as your weight goes up or down, these cells get bigger or smaller. After you are treated with a refrigerated lipid reducer, part of the adipocytes are frozen and apoptosis. During apoptosis, fat cells begin to disintegrate. In the weeks after a person completes treatment, other cells gobble up dead fat cells, metabolizing and removing them naturally from the body. That is to say, these apoptotic cells will naturally be excreted from the body along with their own metabolism.
Different from our conventional concept of weight loss, fat freezing procedure pay more attention to shape, such as the abdomen difficult to minus and side waist fat in the local area. Frozen fat reduction technology helps you subtract off the extra fat cells, and you don't need extra diet and exercise AIDS to create a belly curve.
The expert resolved that the tolerance of fat cells to low temperatures was lower than that of the skin, which was 5 degrees centigrade enough to necrosis adipocytes, but did not cause too much damage to the skin. In the United States, Britain, Canada, and so on, the effects of many weight-loss users have been proven to be a good example of the effects of frozen lipids. Other weight loss experts think that the frozen fat solution will be a good substitute for liposuction to help people get rid of the local proud flesh.
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