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Highly oxygenated water is actually a low conservation pseudoscience

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-27 11:33

Recently, there are a series of bottled water with high oxygen content as the selling point, or drinking water machine that can increase the oxygen content in drinking water. Let's start with a few advertisements for this kind of product.

Highly oxygenated water advertising:

"As early as 1966, Americans began to drink oxygenated water to improve blood oxygen content in the body, especially as a secret weapon for athletes to maintain their physical fitness in high intensity training," he said.

Water dispenser advertising:

Ai Bo Sheng International Industrial Co., Ltd.: "sixth channels of filter heart: nanoscale far infrared filtering activated water, producing small molecular clusters of high dissolved oxygen and energy, quickly bringing nutrients, oxygenated water and energy into cells to adjust metabolism in the body." Oxo biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd: "water carrying oxygen content is not high enough to supplement the nutrients required by body cells, and cannot play the role of activated cells. Only small molecules with high oxygen content and high molecular weight hydrogen peroxide can meet the needs and standards of the body's self-adjustment mechanism. This is a unique choice for health! "

As a result, highly oxygenated water is actually a low conservation pseudoscience.

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