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Highly oxygenated water, is it reliable?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-25 10:04

This article is written by the media of Direct Drinking Water in 2016-01-14. Recently, there is a saying that the oxygen content of ordinary water is too low to meet the needs of the human body, and the oxygen content in highly oxygenated water is high, and it is absorbed directly through the intestine. It absorbs fast, and has the function of regulating body function and improving the ability of movement. So is this highly oxygenated water a new choice for health and longevity? Is it another pseudoscience that lacks evidence?

Is there much "high" oxygen in highly oxygenated water? From the amount of dissolved oxygen, the saturated dissolved oxygen of pure water at 20 C is 9.09 mg/L. That is to say, if you drink 2L saturated dissolved oxygen a day, it equals to drink more than 18.18 mg of oxygen. If we increase the amount of dissolved oxygen to 180 mg/L by raising pressure and so on, and assume that the body absorbs completely, then two liters of highly oxygenated water is equivalent to the 360mg oxygen.

But in fact, a normal adult has a breathing volume of 500 mL and the air is about 100 mL of oxygen. Under the condition of 1 atmospheres and 20 degrees, the ideal gas equation can be converted to 140 mg of oxygen. Take a few breaths, far more than 2 L of water can carry oxygen.

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