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How do we judge the oxygenated water?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-30 09:08

Here is a summary for your reference.

According to the existing research results, improving the dissolved oxygen content of drinking water is not conducive to the improvement of human health, physiological function and athletic performance. Although oxygen is an indispensable element of life, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the atmosphere and water is adapted for a long time. For example, the excessive inhalation of pure oxygen in humans can lead to [13] symptoms such as alveolar damage, retinal detachment and other oxygen poisoning.

However, water is indeed a natural resource for human beings. Since two thousand years ago, Rome's waterway project to today's water dispenser, human beings are constantly trying to improve the quality and cleanliness of drinking water. In recent years, under the concept of health care and health care, various kinds of functional drinking water have also been appearing on the market. The false scientific discussion based on the lack of strict scientific research results is also misleading people. Decide to drink what kind of water is our own, when the businessman put forward any seemingly scientific discussion, and let us use the spirit of science to verify the true and false, make the best choice!

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