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How important is postpartum recovery

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-08 10:33
     Studies have shown that many of the diseases in women are due to the carelessness of postpartum body care. For example, breast pain, hair loss, constipation, dizziness, headache, gastrointestinal discomfort, palpitations and all kinds of pain. Poor postpartum recovery leads to a variety of sequelae, which have a great impact on postpartum women's life health.
Generally speaking, postpartum recovery mainly includes the following four parts:
  1. Basic conditioning
Fundamentally recuperate the postpartum mother's constitution, restore the ability to run qi and blood. It can be used for treating meridian, blood circulation, conditioning of heart and lung, liver and kidney, and ovarian maintenance.
  1. Remove blood stasis and detoxification
Remove the residual toxins in the postpartum body, and open up the normal metabolic channels in the body. It can be used for removing blood stasis, moisten intestine, defecating, and removing residual milk.
  1. Body shape recovery
Postpartum repair beauty equipment repairs damage and get body back in shape to control the spread of various myosomatic injuries and get the body back to pre-pregnancy level such as slimming, fat removal, breast maintenance, and pregnancy wrinkles removal.
  1. Physical recovery
Restore postpartum organs affected by pregnancy, birth and lactation, and at the same time, achieve a dynamic balance of the body. Such as uterine involution, pelvic floor rehabilitation, breast maintenance.
Postpartum recovery is important, but it can't be rushed. It is recommended that during the first 6 weeks after birth you do not do any recovery exercises other than pelvic muscle exercises. In fact, abdominal muscles naturally contract during the first two weeks, so a lot of muscle recovery happens automatically without you knowing anything.
Based on the latest physical therapy and instruments, combined with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, postpartum recovery products are of a new concept of rehabilitation suitable for Oriental women physique to develop a complete and scientific health recovery management plan. According to the individual needs of each woman, the complete five-step process of physical examination, assessment, solution, treatment course arrangement and dynamic process detection are customized. Using traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapy and other interventions, it's effective to restore the health of the female, and the test is highly targeted and effective.
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