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Intestinal absorption to the oxygenated water, will the effect be better?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-27 11:37

However, people who argue that highly oxygenated water is good for their health often declares that drinking water can help the intestines absorb oxygen. For example, "it is reported that the paper published in a European medical journal in 2001 says oxygen can be absorbed through experimental rabbits' intestines, and drinking oxygen rich water can reduce the value of lactic acid that reflects the degree of muscle fatigue."

In his paper published in 2001, Forth and others injected water with different oxygen ratios into the rabbit's stomach. When the dissolved oxygen amount of oxygen containing water is more than 45 mg/L, the dissolved oxygen in water can be absorbed from the stomach to the portal vein. This confirms that the stomach and intestines can absorb dissolved oxygen in water. It is expected that this phenomenon may be applied to the study of liver perfusion (liver perfusion). However, the paper did not discuss muscle fatigue or lactate value.

Drink highly oxygenated water, change the body well? In recent years, it has been preliminarily speculated that high oxygen content water is related to the effect of dealcoholation. also found that drinking highly oxygenated water could increase the immunity of pigs to typhoid fever.

But Ishida Koji, at the Nagoya University in Japan, found that drinking highly oxygenated water did not change any physiological index in the results of a 2006 experiment on students. Fortunately, drinking such highly oxygenated water should not hurt the body. Two studies confirmed that highly oxygenated water had no significant harmful effects on human liver, blood and immune system. But it is found that drinking highly oxygenated water will increase the production of oxygen radicals in a short time, and the mechanism is still unknown.

Therefore, there is no scientific evidence for improving health with high oxygen content water.

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