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Is it good for sports to drink highly oxygenated water?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-25 10:06

In the hoisting part of the motor function, in 2003, the effect of highly oxygenated water on sports ability was actually done, and 11 adults were compared to the performance of bicycle exercise with or without high oxygen content water. The experimental team further targeted nine male amateur cycling Knights (non-professional athletes) in simulated anoxic environment (the oxygen content of the experimental environment was 13.6%, and the average level was 21%). Whether or not to drink highly oxygenated water, for heart rate, subjective physical sensation (Rating of Perceived Exertion), blood oxygen and carbon dioxide content, lactic acid, and so on. It is proved that drinking highly oxygenated water for men who are habitually exercise will not help improve athletic ability.

In the long tracking observation section, 20 adults aged 24 + 2.5 years were also tested by a team. 10 subjects drank 1.5 L of highly oxygenated water daily, and the other 10 drank water in the other 10. After two weeks, the intensity of exercise, heart rate, respiratory exchange rate and lactic acid content in blood were measured. Drinking high oxygen free water still has no benefit.

Therefore, there is no substantial scientific evidence to enhance the function of exercise with high oxygen content water. According to the existing research results, improving the dissolved oxygen content of drinking water is not conducive to the improvement of human health, physiological function and athletic performance. Although oxygen is an indispensable element of life, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the atmosphere and water is adapted for a long time. For example, the excessive inhalation of pure oxygen in humans can lead to oxygen poisoning symptoms such as alveolar damage and retinal detachment.

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