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Is this highly oxygenated water a new choice for health and longevity?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-30 09:12

Ai Bosheng International Industrial Co., Ltd.: "sixth filter core: nanoscale far infrared filtering activated water, producing small molecular clusters of high dissolved oxygen and energy, quickly bringing nutrients, highly oxygenated and energy into cells to adjust metabolism in the body."

Oxo biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd: "water carrying oxygen content is not high enough to supplement the nutrients required by body cells, and cannot play the role of activated cells. Only small molecules with high oxygen content and high molecular weight hydrogen peroxide can meet the needs and standards of the body's self adjustment mechanism. This is a unique choice for health!

According to the merchant's statement, the oxygen content of ordinary water is too low to meet the needs of the human body, and the oxygen content in highly oxygenated water is high, and it is absorbed directly through the intestine. It absorbs fast, and has the function of regulating body function and improving the ability of movement.

A few years ago, the gold rich oxygenated water may still have many impressions. Then, does oxygenated water really contain more oxygen as advertised? Even if there is more oxygen, does drinking mean that it is absorbed by human body? Even if it is absorbed by human body, does it mean a good supplement to oxygen? So is this highly oxygenated water a new choice for health and longevity? Is it another pseudoscience that lacks evidence?

Under normal conditions, the saturated dissolved oxygen of pure water at 9.09mg/L is 20. When the saturation is reached, the excess oxygen cannot be dissolved in water. Of course, it does increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in water by pressurizing, but it is difficult to lock oxygen in water for a long time, especially after opening the cap.

However, most advertisements claim to use sophisticated oxygen locking technology, such as "turn oxygen into Nano oxygen and dissolve it in water." Let's take a step back and assume that we can increase the oxygen content in water to 10 times the normal level by some technology.

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