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It is just an imaginary that highly oxygenated water can bring oxygen, don’t believe it!

Highly oxygenated water, oxygen rich water, what a fresh concept! Few people want to buy oxygenated water for this kind of purchase, but many people are affected by highly oxygenated water advertising, imperceptibly misled by this concept and buried in the water, but some friends like sports like to buy this kind of water in order to relieve fatigue.

Recently, there are a series of bottled water with high oxygen content as the selling point, or drinking water machine that can increase the oxygen content in drinking water.

Wahaha oxygen rich water: oxygen rich bottle, stroll for two hours in the forest. The content of dissolved oxygen is 6-10 times as high as that of ordinary drinking water, which can effectively supplement the oxygen needed by the human body and open up a new way for the removal of human beings from polluted water and air. Oxygen spring highly oxygenated water: can drink oxygen, fast 10 times faster than oxygen absorption speed, can quickly realize oxygen supply, and the exact effect, is worthy of life saving water, beauty water, healthy water.

All of the above is just wrong and not true. Don’t believe it.