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It is said that the needles of whitening injection are not clean and easy to cause disease

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-25 10:02

A whitening injection is actually an infusion behavior. In the infusion process, it must be kept clean and clean, and needles should not be reused.

A lot of businessmen and even individuals will preach that they can give people a fine tune or a whitening injection, but in fact, this behavior is also very dangerous. A plastic man in Taiwan used to play the whitening injections at home. It was because the needles were not clean that they caused infection. Fortunately, they were rescued from danger in time.

There are many whitening injection products on the market, and since the state has not approved any set of whitening injection products. All the complete sets of products are illegal and unsafe. Please choose them carefully. Although whitening injections were not prohibited by the same regulations, they were not approved. So, so far, it has been in the gray area.

"But many whitening injection cases are very effective." The whitening injection salesman said the it has a magical effect, as shown in the schematic diagram before and after the injection.

Before the treatment, deliberately adjust the black, after the injection to adjust the beauty of the whitening, this effect is not an objective medical contrast photo, will be done by the friends of the group, do not believe.

In summary, as the dosage of the whitening injection is large and the whitening effect varies from person to person, it is not stable, and there may be serious complications, so people do not recommend the use of whitening injections.

For the whitening of skin itsellf, it is suggested that you do a good job in sunscreen and skin care, and the need for whitening through medical beauty can choose color light, Aurora, and laser beam, such as laser beam, which do not affect the whole body, directly to the skin's healthy whitening method.

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