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News by ninechip | On 2018-12-26 10:28
In the last couple of years, new technologies have revolutionized the market and the beauty sector. The Hair Removal Machines as we knew it, changed forever. The laser hair-entrance to the customer panel definitely was a complete modernization of traditional procedures. Professional hair removal machines were part of the industry for years, but they were too expensive and required professional training. Therefore, it was unthinkable to have a portable machine at home, for personal use.
The beauty industry has changed forever, the technology involved have tremendous advantages such as velocity and a totally painless procedure. Furthermore, the continuous use of these methods suppresses regrowth so that the user could enjoy silky-smooth skins for weeks.
There are two principal categories of laser hair removal machines, IPLs, and Lasers. Both fundamental principles are the use of light, that is absorbed by melanin in the hair, damaging its follicle, and subsequently weakening the hair until it stops growing. Nevertheless, IPL uses intense pulsed light; in a wide spectrum of colors and a light wavelength that reduces this hair grow. Laser, by its hand, delivers one wave of red light that permanently removes the hair follicle.
Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of maintaining beauty treatment is the frequency of them. One of the most repetitive is in fact, hair removal methods. Many users agree that they would be pleased if they could reduce at least a couple of these sessions a week so that they could have more time to focus on other activities that are more demanding and more significant in their life. But, most people are not conscious of the last improvement of the sector.
As it is true that these machines have been one of the most relevant aspects of the beauty industry, the solution is not completely permanent, as users might require performing a session every couple of months (every 6 to 12 months). This period of time represents a tremendous benefit, in which they will not have to worry about unwanted hair, and therefore seize more of their time.
Also, it is important to remark that these procedures do require a prior shave. In other words, the user must be freshly shaved before its use, to guarantee maximum efficacy. These procedures can be done with a specialist, but also it can be done at home with the purchase of a portable machine.
Lastly, it is always important to visit the medical specialist if an unwanted reaction is observed. These methods vary from to user to user, and as any procedure, the success rates vary among individuals. Also, these treatments are commended from people with black, brown, blond or red hair, which have shown to be very effective, while grey hair has proven to be less effective to laser and IPL treatment.
In conclusion, if you are searching for long-lasting hair removal treatment, consider the usage of laser or IPL removal treatments, as they are the top of technology and one of the best in the market.
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