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Matters needing attention for Whitening injection

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-24 14:14

1, a few people will have temporary dizziness and other discomfort after finishing. This is a normal reaction. It is best to rest in the hospital for about 20 minutes after the treatment is recommended.

2, in order to increase the therapeutic effect, it is advisable to combine therapy with Photo rejuvenation, acid or plastic or other items.

3, the injection site will have red or slight pain feeling, generally within 24 hours of self-regression.

4. This is a course of treatment.

5. Whitening injections should not be used in combination with other fluids.

6. Whitening injection is hypertonic solution. Deep intramuscular injection is recommended.

7. After injection, the best part of the injection is not to touch the water within 24 hours.

8. After the injection of whitening injection, antibiotics containing antibiotics cannot be taken for a short time.

9. During the injection of whitening injection, you should not drink, smoke, stay up late and eat spicy food.

Whitening injection because of the effect of antioxidant, so after the injection will find that alcohol is not easy to drunk, the immunity will also become better, so people say that the whitening injection will also have liver, refreshing effect. For it is the activation of the cells, the cleaning of dirty things and thanks, people will naturally feel refreshing. It can also be used to improve skin darkness, spots and pockmarks. The effect is certainly not obvious without phototherapy, but it has no side effects and will not return to black.

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