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Nail art: my art works!

News by ninechip | On 2015-03-04 20:57

I've just come back from the beauty show. It's so happy!
In France, there are several large-scale exhibitions in a year, such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. But there will also be small ones, such as the PALAVAS exhibition near my home. Speaking of course, you must not believe which platform I have stayed most often. Of course, the nail booth! That's the real world of nail art...
More and more people talk about "French manicure" because the nail art on this side can reach 100% natural nails. I can see that there are gems, diamonds and even painted paintings on my fingernails. I can't believe my eyes, but this is true, and in France today, the trend of fashion is more inclined to use jewelry to decorate nails.
Of course, French women are very fond of their nails. Young or old, their nails are clean, neat and well dressed. But the most important thing is that every idea must be special: for example, there are wonderful landscapes, pearls, and some with the intensity of luster... Do you think it's just a detail?
For the French women, beauty is only hidden in details. They like beauty to the fingertips! They pursue perfection. They show their own meticulous way of each day in their own way. It is a real life art and a part of their culture. Ah, not only did we have a good day in the exhibition, but also learned a lot of new concepts, and understood the latest market trend. Suddenly I was in a hurry to go to the next exhibition. But now, we need to go to a nail bar first. Do you say: is it good for jewelry or art?

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