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Oxygenated water and Small molecule water

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-26 09:55

The body absorbs oxygen mainly through respiration, rather than propaganda materials such as some food water processors claiming to come from food or water. The treated water has a higher mineral content and does not indicate a higher antioxidant capacity. Yuan Weijian, the chief physician of the digestive department of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, gives an example of "oxygen containing water". The so-called "oxygen containing" does not have any meaning. The oxygen obtained from normal breathing is more than 10 times higher than that obtained by any kind of "oxygen containing water".

"Small molecule water" and its production equipment, there is not enough, accepted scientific basis, without reliable experimental data and demonstration, the effect of "small molecule water" on human health is lack of convincing clinical medical report and scientific identification. Scientists believe that small molecule water needs more in-depth study by scientists.

The saying that "Shenshui" can cure diseases is extremely unscientific and very unreliable. Water is mainly composed of hydrogen and oxygen. No matter how it is handled, it cannot have any special effect unless it is added with other substances. After adding other substances, it is not pure water. It should be different from person to person to drink or drink. Even though some water making machines can activate the water molecules and enhance the solubility, none of the experiments can prove its effectiveness.

Functional water is also controversial internationally. Even in the birthplace of the concept of functional water, Japan has focused only on electrolyzed water. In our country, functional water is a concept that is not recognized. The electrolysis water is independent of "functional water", and its preparation equipment belongs to "medical care equipment", which should be approved by the State Administration of food and drug administration. On the website of the State Drug Supervision Bureau, the reporter found that very few of the water machines approved by the government are defined as "electrolysis water generating devices". Their functional remarks are: "producing strong acid electrolysis water with disinfection and sterilization effect, which can be supplied to various departments of medical and health institutions".

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