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Possible complications of using radio frequency machine

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-14 09:30
1. Facial numbness, the incidence is higher, because the sensory fibers are damaged, so there will be a period of time to feel numbness in the original pain area, but most people feel this feeling will disappear or alleviate within 2-3 months, rarely affecting life.
2. Masticatory muscle weakness. If the third branch of radio frequency treatment for sagging skin is performed, the motor nerve fibers may be partially damaged if the temperature and time are not controlled properly, and masticatory muscle weakness appears. Most cases can recover by themselves.
3. Corneal hypoesthesia occurs after the first Radio frequency thermocoagulation. Because the first branch of the trigeminal nerve has fibers distributed to the cornea, if improper operation is prone to adverse reactions such as corneal hypoesthesia. In this case, patients must ensure regular eye drops, wear glasses outside, avoid small particles or other contaminants into the eyes, causing corneal ulcer.
4. Intracranial infection, hemorrhage and so on. The incidence of these complications is low.
The other questions
1. Does rf machine of trigeminal ganglion cause facial paralysis?
   There are many patients with such doubts or concerns in clinic. In fact, this is absolutely misleading. The nerve causing facial paralysis is the facial nerve, which is very far from the trigeminal ganglion. The possibility of injury is almost zero. Some people think that facial numbness after operation is facial paralysis, which is inaccurate.
2. Will the trigeminal ganglion recur after Radio frequency thermocoagulation?
   As long as the location is accurate, the operation is appropriate, the recurrence probability is very low, and most of the so-called recurrence is not the original pain site, it may be that other branches of the lesion occurred again, because the operation on the surrounding tissue damage is very small, even if the recurrence can choose to re-operate, the effect of ultrasound facial benefits
 is very good.
3. Can Radio frequency thermocoagulation be accepted after microvascular decompression?
   Yes, the pathophysiological basis of microvascular decompression is that the trigeminal ganglion is compressed by nearby blood vessels, but a large number of patients did not find compression performance when they received skull base magnetic resonance scanning, so there is no reason to get another knife. If they have received craniotomy and Radio frequency thermocoagulation, the effect is also very ideal.
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