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Principles, misconceptions and methods of removing blackheads

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-21 09:03
Thorough cleaning is the first and most important step of skin care. Asian people suffer from blackhead acne, angle peen and closure pimples because of exciting sebaceous glands. Black head is a spiky mixture of sebaceous oil secreted by sebaceous glands and exfoliated cutin. The extra oil on the skin mixes with cutin and dirt in the air together and then suck in the pore of the face, becoming a blackhead.
Blackhead is a skin problem that can't be solved once and for all.
The reason that the blackhead can come out repeatedly is that the sebaceous glands keep secreting oils, especially for those oil-skin people who will suffer from blackhead again less than two weeks. As long as the function of the sebaceous gland is not suppressed or naturally declined, the new blackhead will constantly be able to bother people. Another reason is that the oil secreted by the skin is easy to oxidize, especially in the summer under the action of ultraviolet rays to produce more free radicals, which further gave birth to blackheads. Therefore, if you want to change the blackheads' condition, active using of products containing effective antioxidants or blackhead removal facial treatment can prevent new blackheads.
Using a normal production can remove a partial blackhead, but usually they are deep and stubborn. Therefore, if you urge to push, grind, or pull the cutin and the blackhead of the pore, it will not only unable to completely remove the black head, but also easy to cause damage to the pores and surrounding skin, accelerating the pore bulky.
The principle of pore cleaning method is to dredge cutin, close heat circulation, take dry adsorption, and ice anti-inflammatory sedation. There are several principles for correct blackhead removal:
  1. Soften the skin, then adsorb the blackhead, and finally relieve.
  2. Deal with blackheads gently and repeatedly, instead of solving violently.
  3. Replace physical methods with chemical methods, and deal with blackheads as much as possible with tools or physical tools instead of hands.
  4. Prevention is as important as removal.
Many blackheads removal products on the market make use of the above principles. An effective blackhead removal can deeply clean pores and effectively remove blackheads without any side effects.
Cleaning at ordinary times with regular maintenance and eating less fat or high sugar food, will help you keep the skin healthy.
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