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The 11 truth of the tap water and the oxygen in water, we were all cheated

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-26 09:57

Scam 1: Bottled oxygenated water is cleaner and safer than confusing boiled water and oxygen in water. Truth: false bottled oxygenated water is not necessarily cleaner and safer than tap water and oxygen in water.

Look at the two sets of data and you will understand:

In 2015, the results of the Chinese food supervision department showed that nearly 400 of the 407 identified drinks were unqualified bottled and packaged water and oxygen with water. In the bottled water detection standard, there are only 20 indicators for water quality detection. You know how many items are running water of water bubble, the number is 106. Bottled oxy water is not only a small number of indicators, a lot of very important key indicators are also missing, such as mercury, formaldehyde and other strong carcinogenic elements detection index, the index of its coliform group is also higher than that of tap water of oxy water.

Tap water of oxy water is a public drinking water, involving the safety of drinking water for thousands of households. Therefore, the detection is very frequent and strict. Once there is a problem, it is disaster. No one dares to take lightly in the safety of tap water. Bottled oxy water is a common practice for enterprises to produce and drill holes. In order to reduce production, many indicators may not be strictly implemented.

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