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The connection between nail art and real fleshy plants

News by ninechip | On 2015-04-28 15:12

We've seen a lot of Jewellery, but Australian artist Roz Borg has made this accessory a whole new level. She also wore rings and bracelets (from colorful plants), but now she has found a way to use tiny arrangements to add them to her nails. So plants look like natural fingers on their fingers, giving green thumbs a whole new meaning.
It takes patience to create this "nail". At the very beginning, Borg needs to cut small plant babies and fix them on artificial nails, using a glue called oasis. Once she had finished, she fixed her artificial nails to her real fingernails. It takes about an hour (every finger) to achieve this effect, but the result is very amazing. "People will be shocked when they realize that this is a living plant, not any three-dimensional carving," Borg said. "This is not everyone's hobby, but most people like it!"
Therefore, as a result most people cannot run a nail art shop. Sometimes some people may said that it has many benefits to open a gallery of nail art, but who knows, maybe he will suffer a great loss and failure. That’s what we are talking about.


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