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The function of whitening injection

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-23 16:37

1, whitening skin care, clear free radicals, promote liver detoxification, promote toxin removal, promote metabolism, regulate the endocrine, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thus inhibiting the formation of melanin;

2, to strengthen the blood oxygen sparse base, repair the damaged skin, clear fire and detoxify, health conditioning, and so on. It is best for the skin, dark yellow, chloasma, sunburn, gestation spot and black spot and so on, and can enhance the immune ability of the body and regulate the disorder of human body.

3, enhance immune function and regulate endocrine function.

4, prevent the black eye and remove the eye bag. Inhibit melanin, whitening skin. Repair the uneven color of the skin, dispel the yellow gas. Dispel color spots, sunburn and senile plaques. Light skin, skin tight, reverse aging. Shrink pores, moisturize and moisturize. Promote the liver detoxification function and promote metabolism.

5, whitening injection is also very extensive, and almost all people with dark skin can also be used as a whitening maintenance for laser or pulse light.

The scope of application of whitening injection:

1, the anti - aging and whitening of the skin.

2, correction of skin aging caused by excessive skin exposure to ultraviolet light, irregular living and rest, late night and long-term mental labor, caused by dark, old and black skin.

3, for pigmentation skin aging and dark caused by the decline of body function, excessive oxidation of body organs and the accumulation of peroxide in the epidermis.

4, excessive pigmentation or darkened skin caused by excessive iron or improper makeup.

5, the deterioration of body function caused by the aging of human body and the dark complexion caused by liver diseases such as skin, mucous membrane injury, collagen hardening, and arteriosclerosis, and prevention of scar formation after operation.

6, poor sleep, sub-health.

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