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The principle of whitening injection

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 16:08

It contains a variety of compound ingredients for human health, which can inhibit the oxidation of cells, quickly decompose the melanin and yellow pigment of human skin, and repair the damaged cells. The supplemental whitening factor is the cell renewal of the whole body whitening factor, thus improving the hypoxic dark, rough skin and other series of youth evanescent phenomena, making the whole body skin from inside to outside, it is red and resilient. It also has a desalination effect on acne and spots that have formed. It can effectively improve facial spots. It is characterized by the ability to rapidly reverse the premature aging of pathological functional cells, inhibit cell oxidation, prevent skin, promote metabolism, effectively weaken and dispel color spots, improve the immune ability in an all-round way, adjust the skin from inside to outside, and thus achieve the effect of body whitening and physical fitness.

Main functions:

Activation of sleeping stem cells promotes the regeneration and differentiation of new functional groups. Speed up metabolism, improve internal environment, speed up blood circulation, and lighten stains. It plays an excellent role in improving skin function and whitening.

So, that’s the principle of whitening injection. Do you understand it?

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