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The relationship between dissolved oxygen and activated sludge concentration

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-04 11:18
 The relationship between DO and the concentration of activated sludge is still very close. The requirement of DO for high activated sludge concentration is higher than that for low activated sludge concentration. Therefore, in order to achieve the removal of pollutants, and to achieve the discharge concentration, we should try to reduce the concentration of activated sludge, which is very beneficial to reduce aeration and power consumption.

   At the same time, in the case of low concentration of activated sludge, we should pay attention not to excessive aeration, so as to avoid excessive dissolved oxygen and excessive oxidation of only activated sludge, which is unfavorable to the effluent of secondary sedimentation tank.

   It is usually seen that the effluent of the secondary sedimentation tank contains more unsettled particles. This is the reason why the oxidized activated sludge is decomposed into effluent after disintegration. The same high activated sludge concentration of dissolved oxygen demand is very high, cannot be uncontrolled activated sludge concentration has been rising, so there will be oxygen supply cannot keep up with the phenomenon of anoxia, naturally, activated sludge treatment effect is inhibited.
   The relationship between DO and the sedimentation ratio of activated sludge can be understood as the effect of DO on the sedimentation of activated sludge. Over aeration can easily cause fine air bubbles to adhere to the microbial micelles of activated sludge, resulting in the floating of activated sludge to the surface and the formation of scum. The compressibility of activated sludge is poor. Especially when filamentous bacteria bulge in activated sludge, it is more likely to cause fine aerated bubbles to adhere to the bacterial micelles, and then lead to a large amount of scum on the liquid surface.

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