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Usage and dosage of whitening injection

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-23 16:40

1, whitening injection treatment 6---10 needle, three - five days to play 1 needles, continuous 6 needle. It's finished in a month. Pay attention to the use of white needles in the market with a few small clinics with 10 needles, and the number of white needles used is strictly controlled, the number of injections is 6---10 times. The time is not more than one month. Please make sure you know before using the whitening injection.

2, intravenous injection (IV): intravenous injection takes 30~60 minutes.

3, it is operated by qualified medical staff.

4, drops of infusion slow, not too fast.

Whitening injection therapy cycle:

The developed whitening injection is divided into two kinds of needles with different intensity. The treatment time of one course of the general whitening injection is three months, and every 7 days is a treatment cycle, and the total treatment is 21 times. The treatment duration of Intensive Whitening injection is three months, and every 10 days is a treatment cycle. There are 30 treatments.

1. Before the operation, the doctor made skin diagnosis, inquired the history, set up the medical record and prescribed the prescription.

2, control nurses, give injections, detailed observation of the guests in the injection process signs.

3. After completing the injection, complete the medical record, and finally sign by the doctor.

4. Before each injection, the doctor will observe the effect of the customer, record the treatment effect, and adjust the prescription in time.

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