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What are the indications of whitening injections?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 15:58

The application range of whitening injection is very extensive. It is mainly used in the skin of dark sunk, without gloss, liver spots, and super dose of mercury containing cosmetics to make skin pigmentation, laser, chemical corrosion agent, grinding, incision, skin pigmentation, nipple, axillary, perineum pigments, after a large number of clinical tests. It is proved that it is safe and reliable, and the effect is obvious.

No matter in the winter or in summer, as long as there is a heart, no matter what season, it becomes perfect and white. Whitening skin is what every woman is doing, but the usual nursing is not acceptable. If your skin is not fair and smooth, try the whitening injection.

Interpretation of whitening injections. From ancient times to the present, men like skin white women, but women are just the opposite. They like the bronze men with skin. In men's eyes, white symbolizes gentleness, cleanness, virtuous and beauty; the dark skin of men in the eyes of women symbolizes strength, honesty and trust. As the saying goes, "one white covers a hundred ugliness".

Whitening is one of the most popular topics of women. In the eyes of Asians, white represents noble breath. Having a healthy and beautiful skin is the hope, moist, white and bright skin of every modern man. The white and bright skin and the body of resistance are the halo of the charm of life forever. In order to whiten and all kinds of skin defects, people begin to try various methods in order to achieve the effect, but choose a good side. The law should be fully scientific. Nowadays, cosmetic local care and whitening is a fashion. Unfortunately, it is a mistake of scientific understanding to solve the problem.

For the sake of skin health without burdens, from inside to outside truly white fair, "Korean plastic anti-aging Association" introduced by the high-tech whitening injection therapy technology allows you to stay away from the chemical composition of the skin, plain face to heaven, also light and bright, shine people.

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