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What is the whitening injection suitable for and not suitable for?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-23 16:43

1. It is suitable for the aging and whitening of the skin. Correction of skin aging caused by excessive skin exposure to ultraviolet light, irregular living and rest, late night and long-term mental labor, caused by dark, old and black skin.

2, in view of the decline of body function, excessive oxidation of body organs, and the accumulation of peroxidation substances in the epidermis, pigmented skin aging and dark.

3. It is suitable for pigmentation and darkness of skin caused by excessive iron supplementation.

4. It is suitable for the deterioration of body function caused by aging, skin and mucous membrane injury, collagen sclerosis and vascular sclerosis.

5, age over 25 years old, no serious acute and chronic diseases of men and women can be injected with whitening injection to whiten.

Contraindication of whitening injection:

1, pregnant and people with cardiovascular disease.

2. A person with a vascular disease.

3, female physiological period.

4. People allergic to vitamins.

5. Patients with diabetes are forbidden.

6, patients with serious other diseases, especially pigmentation problems caused by endocrine, such as liver spots, black skin disease, are less effective.

7, for glutathione vitamins, allergic reactions are prohibited.

8, it should not be mixed with vitamin 12, naphthoquinone, calcium pantothenate, whey acid, antihistamines, sulfonamides and tetracycline.

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