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What’s the most safe facial mole removal?

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-12 16:20
1, laser mole removal
   Laser mole removal is relatively scientific. Laser devices can selectively absorb light specific to specific wavelengths and different colors. Laser can vaporize the pigment cells that form black mole, which can be ate by phagocytic cells and expelled from the body. Moreover, a small amount of heat from the laser will be absorbed by the surrounding skin tissue, thereby promoting the production of collagen. Attention: after removing the mole to try to eat a little spicy or greasy food, in one or two weeks, do not let the scar on the water, at the same time, do a good job of sunscreen and moisturizing, and do not use hand to cut, generally speaking, laser mole is not left scar.
2, liquid nitrogen freezing method
   By using the physical characteristics of the cold material, the skin temperature of the local lesion, the contraction of capillary, the necrosis of the tissue cell and the local sensory paralysis are made, and the method of removing the black mole is achieved. However, both laser and freezing can only remove the dark mole in the shallow layer, the deep mole cells will remain, and the pigmented mole may relapse in the healing repair.
   3, mole removal surgery method
   It is the best way to remove any mole from the roots. But when it comes to a knife, many people are afraid of it. They worry that the risk of infection is greater. And for scarred people, there is a risk of scar hyperplasia. But for special parts, the mole of heavy or friction areas (such as the foot, toe, palm, nail bed, neck, perineum), because the mole of these parts are mostly borderline mole, there is a potential malignant change, it is better to be thoroughly removed through surgery, and can do pathological examination to determine the nature of the mole.
   As a matter of fact, the black mole is not necessary to remove the mole as long as it is harmless. If you really want to remove the mole, we must go to the regular medical place, and ask the professional doctor to guide the treatment.
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