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Whitening injection composition and mechanism

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-23 16:31

Whitening injection's efficacy:

1, Bixin acid is used to control melanin enzyme action and reduce melanin formation.

2, whitening injections can help metabolic circulation enhancers, such as Ginkgo biloba preparations.

3, whitening injection contains glutathione, which helps body detoxification, but also helps cells to fight against oxidation.

4, whitening injection vitamin C whitening ingredients, with antioxidant effect, can restore melanin.

5, white needle injection selected regular plastic hospital.

Whitening injection advantage:

1. Before and after treatment, the skin color measurement ruler was used to measure skin color.

2, dilute the face stains, inhibit melanin decomposition, black, yellow, precision skin and color patches (except for hormone spots) with a clear recovery of whitening effect.

3, improve skin partial dull or acquired dark.

4, laser, phototherapy, skin conditioning before and after, can enhance the removal of spots, reduce pigment accumulation response, avoid black.

5, ant- body tissue oxidation, aging, enhance immunity.

6, assist in excreting body waste and waste, accelerate the innovation, clearing the internal environment, refreshing the spirit.

7, protect the entire skin tissue, protect the liver, kidneys, brain and hypolipidemic (especially suitable for staying up late and poor liver function).

So, the above is the composition and mechanism of whitening injection.

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