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Why drinking affects the result of whitening injections?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 16:05

The glutathione contained in whitening injections can play a role in detoxification of the body and help cells to fight against oxidation. It is also an effective material for treating toxic liver injury caused by various physical and chemical factors (such as drugs, alcohol, chemotherapy, etc.). So, before the whitening injection is injected, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of injecting the beauty needle for the better whitening effect of the whitening injection, such as drinking is all we can overcome.

Whitening injection, also known as "whitening angel", has been praised as a "angel of whitening" because of its remarkable effect. It has excellent effect on removing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, shrinking pores and desalinized pigments. Make the whole body skin white, delicate, compact perfect state. In accordance with the theory of the five line of Chinese medicine, the medical cosmetology expert suggests that the two quarter of summer and autumn is hot and dry, and the body is the most susceptible to toxic heat. So the summer and autumn ultraviolet radiation will produce a large amount of melanin and toxins, thus forming pigmentation or black spots. Therefore, experts suggest that whitening should be implemented from summer, and whitening injection can really inhibit the formation of melanin from inside to outside, clear fire and detoxify, thus reducing the formation of pigmentation and color spots. It gives you the perfect skin of white and tender. At the same time also enhance immunity, anti-virus, cold and so on.

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