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Winter is a good time to lose weight

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-20 09:44
Skinny experts suggest that the winter is the right time to lose weight. There may be many people confused about that. Why we should choose winter?
Why is it that the colder the weather, the more you need to exercise? Cold weather always makes people lazy, eat more and move less, and it is the period of intake of the most calories. If you care nothing about it, the fat saved in winter will become a trouble in spring and summer. Because when it's cold, the body has to burn more calories to keep the temperature in the body, so in the same environment, exercise burns more calories in the winter. When cold air touches the warm body, the calories burned by exercise will slightly increase, and the body's energy consumption will probably increase by 3% to 7%, same as the theory of freezing machine to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, do not miss this golden opportunity.
We must dress warmly to prevent from catching cold via outdoors exercise in winter. For example, we must wear hat and gloves even the mask when it is windy. However, we should not wear too thick and heavy for it will increase the burden for our body even sweat too much which will lead to having a cold on the contrary. In that case, a home slimming machine will be the best choice.
Traditional bariatric methods have been advocated for low intensity and long-term exercise because low-intensity training is both safer and burns more fat in practice than high-intensity exercise. But low-intensity training and long time don’t always get an ideal result in reducing weight. Therefore, it is necessary to have a body slimming equipment to give assistance.
In fact, the most recent studies have shown that, in the rest of the hours of high intensity exercise, the amount of fat is more than the low intensity exercise, and the weight loss is relatively clear. Of course, low-intensity exercise is still the safest way to lose weight. The most desirable approach is to gradually increase the use of higher intensity exercises to promote the consumption of fats and the stimulation of cardiopulmonary functions as the physical fitness level and body accommodation capability increases.
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