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LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument
  • LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument

LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument

It uses that photodynamic principle to activate deep cells to make skin metabolism. After the light is absorbed by the skin, the light energy is transformed into intracellular energy, which can relax and strengthen microvessels and produce enzymatic react
LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument
1. Product title

LED Facial Beauty Mask Seven-color Photo-rejuvenation Pimples Removal Home Using Spots Lightening Instrument

2. Keywords

Beauty machine, Photon mask, LED mask instrument

3. Principle

It uses that photodynamic principle to activate deep cells to make skin metabolism. After the light is absorbed by the skin, the light energy is transformed into intracellular energy, which can relax and strengthen microvessels and produce enzymatic reactions with the skin, increasing the activity of Catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) as guardians and cleaners of cells. Meanwhile, it can increase the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and the source of cellular energy, increasing the content of glycogen and protein, thus promoting cell metabolism and synthesis. Then it stimulates the secretion of basic synthetic fiber growth factor (BFGF) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) in the body, rearranges collagen fiber and elastic fiber, blocks and eliminates the formation of melanin. The instrument is able to accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fibroblast tissue to produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, repair aging skin, acne skin, fade spots, improve firmness, and relieve sunburn.

4. Applicable scope

For people with a various type of skin

5. Product features and efficacy
1) Features
  • a. The mask can be recycled without damage. Seven colors LED light can be targeted to solve skin problems with many functions.
  • b. After phototherapy, the skin can better absorb nutrients and moisture. Skin condition is improved and becomes full and elastic.
  • c. The optimized quality chip of accurate wavelength and remarkable cosmetic effect
2) Six main efficacy
  • a. Whitening and spots removal: To decompose pigment, improve skin condition and fade spot
  • b. Skin care: Continuous pulse output can improve cell activity, repair acne damage and shrink pores.
  • c. Promotion of absorption: Through the seven-color LED light irradiation, it promotes the blood circulation and helps the skin to absorb the skincare essence.
  • d. Pimples removal and skin tendering: It outputs seven-color LED light to improve cell activity and remove the skin through continuous pulses.
  • e. Skin vitality: Through the LED biological active light irradiation, it activates the skin cell vitality with deep penetration into the skin.
  • f. Increased elasticity: To promote collagen production, increase skin cell vitality.
6. Multiple efficacies of the seven-color LED light
  • 1) Blue light mask: It has a certain effect of inhibiting inflammation. In case of no damage to the skin tissue, the destruction of propionibacterium is a significant reduction in the inflammatory period of sores in a short period of time. It can be used for treating acne and pimples without scar and pigmentation.
  • 2) Red light mask: The red light mask is called bioactive light, which can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote collagen formation. It can whiten spots, remove wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores and tighten skin in a way.
  • 3) Greenlight mask: It can be used for neutralization and balance to reduce the secretion of skin oil, which can not only balance the proportion of water and oil but also relieve skin discomfort.
  • 4) Purple light mask: It is a double frequency light of red light and blue light, which combines two phototherapeutic effects and has a better repair effect on acne marks.
  • 5) Bluish light mask: it can promote and enhance cellular energy step by step and has a good promoting effect on metabolism.
  • 6) Light-green light mask: it decomposes pigment, improves rough skin and wrinkles, which is aimed at aglow calorific skin.
  • 7) Laser light mask: It is able to penetrate deep into the skin, accelerate the metabolism of active tissue, decompose spots, and remove tiny wrinkles and cutis laxa.
7. Parameters
  • 1) Item:LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument
  • 2) Using steps:Cleanser---toner and essence---mask---- LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument
  • 3) Input power:AC100-240V
  • 4) Output power:DC10V2A
  • 5) Energy consumption:150w
  • 6) Size: 262*220mm
8. Usage of the instrument
  • 1) Clean your face firstly, then let the water dry out naturally or use a bibulous towel to wipe the water on face gently (do not use a coarse towel to wipe the face forcibly, which will lead pores so bulky or the skin is rough and lack water)
  • 2) Take out the LED Facial Beauty Mask Instrument. Install the elastic bands on the left and right sides. Take out the power control box and connect the power cord of the mask to the output hole of the power control box.
  • 3) Press the “color select/start” button. Once the power indicator is on, the display time defaults to 30 minutes. Press the “color select/start” button again to choose the type of photon (color: 1-7 red, blue, green, yellow and purple, 8 colors are automatically changed). The set the treatment time by “time selection” button to adjust the operation time from 0 to 60 minutes according to personal demand. Pay attention not to look at the LED light source for a long time or it will hurt your eyes. The selection of “Brightness” can choose the strength of the light. “Flicker” can select the flash mode. “Microecection” can adjust the micro-electrical intensity (1-9) according to individual needs.
  • 4) Put the LED mask on your face and find a comfortable place to wear it. Put two bands through your ears to adjust the tightness and hold the mask (You can adjust the light to the lowest level before wearing the mask, and adjust the light intensity later).
  • 5) Photon mask can be used with skin care products or disposable masks. After cleaning the face, apply the skin care product or disposable facial mask evenly on the face. When completing the treatment time (15-30 minutes is generally recommended), the power control box will automatically turn off the LED photon, then remove the mask and clean it carefully so as to continue to use next time.
9. Announcements
  • 1) The interval of color light replacement should be more than 2 hours for 15 minutes each time. It can be used alone and it is recommended to use a mask or essence to achieve a more obvious effect.
  • 2) It is not allowed to be used in people with epilepsy, bleeding tendency, goiter, epilepsy, severe skin infection or other skin diseases.
  • 3) Photophylaxis: people with photophylaxis or allergy drugs (such as tetracycline) should not use.
  • 4) Eyes: avoid long - term direct vision when the light is on
  • 5) Forbidden for pregnant women
  • 6) Do not drink, eat spicy food, high-protein seafood, and avoid exposure to the sun (because it is easy to tan)
  • 7) This equipment is not waterproof, please do not wash with water and you must have waterproof measures.
  • 8) Avoid looking directly at the light source of the mask or looking at the light source for a long time. Close your eyes during use. If you feel the light is too strong, you can use a cotton pad or an eye mask.
  • 9) It is recommended to be used in combination with natural disposable masks or skin care products especially the effect of removing acne and whitening, which are of good quality and can be helpful for better absorption.
  • 10) There are circuits and LED luminescence inside the luminescent film, which cannot be squeezed, folded or pressed.
  • 11) It is forbidden to soak in water when cleaning luminous mask. Wipe it with a wet cloth and wash the elastic belt.
  • 12) Do not wipe the mask with a corrosive chemical solvent.

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