Microwave Radiofrequency Instrument Operational Instruction
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Microwave Radiofrequency Instrument Operational Instruction
  • Microwave Radiofrequency Instrument Operational Instruction

Microwave Radiofrequency Instrument Operational Instruction

The microwave radiofrequency instrument is a facial cosmetic instrument that replenishing water, dampness and anti-aging. By means of high speed operation to promote hyaluronic acid and other beauty products, the product is injected directly into the skin
一、 Product introduction

Microwave radiofrequency instrument- a capacitive coupling electrode is used to transmit radio wave energy, increase the temperature of 3-5 mm. in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, promote cell metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and enhance the extension of collagen tissue. At the high frequency of 2450 MHZ, the electric field changes polarity 2 billion 450 million times per second. In order to recover the electrode rapidly, the charged ions in the skin will change direction at the same frequency. High frequency waves enter the subcutaneous tissue to make the natural resistance of the subcutaneous tissue heat to produce heat. When the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees centigrade zero, the collagen produces an immediate contraction, while stimulating the dermis to secrete more new collagen to fill the contraction and loss of collagen, so as to restore the skin stents again. Restore the elasticity of the skin.

When the radiofrequency energy acts on the eye bag, it directly penetrates the epidermis to the subcutaneous 1.2-3.6mm with the radio frequency energy, and accelerates the cell with 2 billion 450 million oscillations per second. This "endogenous heat" effect will increase the gravitational effect of the cells and tighten the muscle and cell. Remove the excess moisture and toxins through the lymphatics, restore muscle and cell tension, and then shrink the drooping fat to eliminate the swelling of the eye bag and the eyelid and the tail.

The radiofrequency waves directly reach the deep layer of the skin fatty layer, update the fat structure, and dissolve the stubborn fat in depth, reduce the volume of the fatty mass. The dissolved substance in the fatty mass, (triglyceride), absorbs the radiofrequency heat and quickly decomposes into free fatty acid and is dissimilated into carbon dioxide and water. The dissolved fat is excreted through the lymphatic and intestinal tract, so as to achieve obvious weight loss effect.

二、 Technical parameters
  • Protection grade indoors to avoid high temperature
  • Product model MW02A
  • The main function whitening, replenishing water and moisturizing
  • Unit attachment classification standard conforms to GB9706.1-1999
  • Use power 220V. 50HZ
  • Output power 0-50W
  • Total power 300W
  • Size 50cm*55cm*120cm
  • Total weight of packaging and instrument 38KG-41KG
  • Instrument accessories: power cord, ground wire, probe, instructions.
三、 Microwave radiofrequency cosmetology system

Microwave radiofrequency cosmetology is the third generation of research achievements in the beauty industry. It is a revolutionary advanced technology of "removing eye bag, wrinkling, tender skin and shaping". It does not need to open knife and fill, use the principle of heating in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to split and propagate its collagen, effectively support skin, fill wrinkles, remove lead and remove mercury. The reflux of youth is not a dream. It is a kind of difficult problem that can help you to solve the problems left by the radio waves. It is the safest and most comfortable method in addition to the operation.

1) Operation steps:
  • 1. The preparatory stage:

A, must use distilled water or pure water, add water quantity to overflow hole outlet water as the standard, change water 7-10 days.

B, the inlet of the instrument and the plug of the overflow port are removed. It is strictly forbidden to operate at the heat source. Connect the power supply and accessories of the instrument. The LCD on the panel is extinguished. After checking, it will enter the working state.

1) Operation steps:
  • 2, treatment stage:

First, open the total switch "power" behind the chassis, at this time the LCD panel shows: time TIM is "30", power Energy is "20", this is a normal state. Let the custom lie on the bed, and ready to receive treatment.

2) Operation Description:
  • 1. Turn on the power master switch, when the LCD interface enters the initial state.
  • 2. Open the chassis first and touch the ENTER key with your fingers to enter the work interface.
  • 3. Click the time setting key to adjust the working time, and the initial state time is displayed as "30".
  • 4. Click the energy settings button to adjust the RF output intensity, and the initial state energy is displayed as "20".
  • 5. Click mode key can choose radio frequency wave type, from left to right: pulse wave, triangle wave, saw tooth wave, straight wave.
  • 6. Click the key to choose the face or eye treatment site. The finger touches the key. The LINE A above the face plate shows the treatment area for the face. LINE B shows the location of the eye.
  • 7. Click key starts the radio frequency switch function. Click key to start the ice wave switch function. After starting, the information column will show: radio frequency mode: ON. Refrigeration mode: (ON). At the same time, the output power and time display on the right will show the corresponding figures. Click the reset button to cancel all the previous function settings, so that the interface enters the initial state. Click the pause key to pause the function output.
3) Operation suggestion:
  • Operation project time setting intensity waveform selection course design
  • Eye bag eliminating 50-60 15-30 pulse wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • Black eye 50-60 15-30 pulse wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • Facial lifting wrinkle 60-90 15-30 straight wave + triangle wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • Neck tattoo 45-60 15-30 straight wave + saw tooth wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • Face lift 60-90 15-30 straight wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • Body shape 60-90 15-35 straight wave 8-12 times (3 days / time)
  • 1, the above is only the recommended reference value, and can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances of customers. The individual's ability to bear energy varies from person to person, suggesting that energy should be gradually adjusted from small to large according to the customer's ability and feelings.
  • 2, pulse wave: apply to the face! Straight wave: lifting with double chin, thicker body fat! Triangular wave saw tooth wave: can be used for sensitive parts of the skin or red blood customers; eye small wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes; whitening and tender skin.
  • 3, the customers with serious facial and eye problems or the perfect effect are recommended for two courses or at the end of the first course to consolidate the course of treatment, and the period of consolidation may be weekly or every 10-15 days / times.
4) Operation process
  • 1. Cleaning treatment area

After cleansing with cleansing milk, rinse with water, remove the grease and cosmetics on the surface of the skin, and keep them dry. (Note: preoperative ring, wrist watch and all metal parts must be removed).

  • 2. File before treatment

(1) Take pictures before operation.

(2) Fill in personal data files.

(3) The treatment site planning: according to the treatment of the skin relaxation degree and other specific circumstances, design the treatment for customers, fill in the treatment card.

(4) to connect the power of the instrument and the plug of the probe line before the operation, use the spray of fine or physiological saline probe to disinfect the ceramic piece, press the main switch after the instrument, the instrument will enter the initial interface slightly (the equipment is checked out), click the ENTER switch, select the setting item to choose according to the age of the customer, the skin condition, the treatment position.

  • 3, operation main point:

the operator holds the treatment head in the right hand, the probe should stick to the skin and slide slowly according to the muscle direction and operation technique, and the left hand should make a slight use of strength according to the trend, and choose the energy adjustment according to the position of the treatment and the skin condition of the customer. (Note: the energy should be gradually adjusted from small to large. Before the operation, the probe should be placed on the palm of the hand to test the heat and feel moderate energy to operate.

5) Operation methods:
  • 1, forehead: the best energy setting: 25-30. The specific operation see the face treatment planning diagram, from the middle of the forehead to both sides of the direction to pull, each road is repeated 5-8 times, until the appearance of a red dizzy, such as wrinkle wrinkles, with a probe along the wrinkle of a slight force, repeat 2-4 times, the local enhancement effect, the edge of the eyebrow above 1cm within the sensitive area of pain, should be properly adjusted. Low energy. This part is suitable for triangular wave and saw tooth wave.
  • 2, eye: the best energy is set to 25-45 range. The specific operation shows the graphic of the face treatment planning, which is operated from the inside out of the eye. The probe begins to move towards the temples from the position of the distance eye 1cm, the outer corner of the eye and the tip of the eyebrow tip, the direction of the muscle of the orbicularis oculi muscle, and the skin of the temporal and outer corners of the eye gently with the left hand and assist in lifting the exercise with the left hand. Work, such as fish tail lines, eye bags or other parts of the deep wrinkles, with the probe along the wrinkles of the tattoo slightly exertion, repeat 2-4 times, local enhancement effect, eye nerve is more rich, sensitive to pain, care should be paid attention to protection during operation. This position is suitable for pulse wave.
  • 3, nasolabial cheek: the best energy is set to 25-32.
  • 4, body parts: the best energy is set to 25-38. Specific operations see the face treatment planning diagram, operation sequence from the downward direction drawing, because of the cheek area no nose, lip area sensitive, can be increased energy, repeat 5-8 times, until the appearance of the red. The sensitivity of the nasolabial area is strong, and the control of strength and energy should be paid attention to. (the areas of attention should be paid attention to: dangerous triangle area, zygomatic area, front of mastoid area, lower edge of mandibular angle), which is suitable for direct wave and pulse wave.
6) precautions and contraindications

Maintenance and attention of the instrument:

  • 1, after the first boot, you have to wait for 2 minutes to start debugging, so that the computer can fully identify the system settings and avoid the program disorder.
  • 2, after starting, the probe must not be directly aligned with the instrument so as not to interfere with the main engine.
  • 3, LCD screen interface operation requires fingertip touch, avoid heavy or irregular operation.
  • 4. The probe should not be directly exposed to metal objects in the boot state.
  • 5, if you cooperate with the product should pay attention to cleaning, do not allow paste or water penetration into the probe to cause failure.
  • 6, after the operation should be shut down in time, to avoid continuous work for more than 24 hours.
Precautions for operation:
  • 1, before the operation, put the probe on the palm of the hand to test the heat and feel the energy is moderate.
  • 2, do not stay in the same place for a long time during operation.
  • 3, when treating eyes, the operator requires gentle manipulation and avoid overweight.
  • 4, the treatment site is strictly forbidden to wear any metal items.
  • 5, do not make up on the day of treatment, or clean the scope of treatment before treatment.
  • 6, in the process of treatment, the head should not be directly directed to the eyeball.
  • 7, liposuction surgery must be treated in the rear for 1 months.
  • 8, menstrual period and 3 days before and after, the effect of alcohol is not good.
  • 1. The situation that cannot be under treatment.

(1), if there is any injection of hyaluronic acid or collagen in the last six months, please inform the doctor in advance.

(2), if the scope of treatment has been injected with artificial filler, such as silica gel and gold wire implant, it cannot be treated.

(3), patients with eye infections cannot be treated.

(4), patients with heart disease and cardiac pacing device cannot be treated.

(5), metal implants cannot be treated at the operative site.

(6), the operation site cannot be treated if the wound is healed.

  • 2. The person who has the following diseases is prohibited to use
  • (2), person with cardiac pacemaker.

    (3), person with acne and more than serious

    (4), patients with advanced disease.

    (5), patients with hemorrhagic disease

    (6), person with fever.

    7)technical advantage
    • 1, non-surgical, non-invasive, high safety, no damage to the vascular, nerve and lymphatic vessels around the orbit.
    • 2, easy and quick, 30 minutes to remove bags under the eyes, swollen eye vesicle and dilute the dark circles of the eye.
    • 3. The radiofrequency energy has the excellent performance of directional work. It can reach the dermis directly. It can strictly control the radiofrequency release energy and release rate, which fundamentally ensures the accuracy of radio frequency emission.
    • 4, with professional activated products, deep activation of cell activity, stimulating of collagen production and reorganization of elastic structure can achieve ideal results.
    • 5, the epidermis is cooled at constant temperature, and the energy (RF heat) is released from inside to outside, without any damage to the skin and muscles.
    • 6, humanized design, unique four kinds of waveforms, can be adjusted according to functional requirements and operation parts, with strong pertinence.
    • 7. The unique water cycle refrigeration system adopts the intelligent skin cooling system and safety digital exploration technology, which can effectively detect the radiofrequency energy and the skin temperature. The treatment process is safe and comfortable and painless.
    8) Suggestions for maintenance after the course of treatment
    • 1, the skin around your eyes is extremely weak. When making up or removing makeup, you should be gentle and avoid pulling your skin hard.
    • 2, when draw the eyeliner, do not pull the eyelid. It is a principle. For the convenience, you can use a dry powder puff on the surface to stabilize the position of the hand, this is not easy to draw the wrong position.
    • 3, when you wash your face, wipe the skin around your eyes with cotton. It's better than using a rough towel.
    • 4, when wearing contact lenses, do not pull down your eyelids. If you want to wear lenses easily, you can gently pull up the upper eyelids.
    • 5, do not develop bad habits of wiping your eyes, squinting your eyes and blinking your eyes.
    • 6, do avoid losing weight and diet, resulting in a malnutrition or sudden drop in weight, because rapid changes in fat will affect skin elasticity.
    • 7, drink more water, at least eight cups a day, especially when you get up in the morning, and do not drink 2 hours before going to bed at night.
    • 8, you should be coated with eye cream at morning and evening. Eye Gel can be used in the morning, and moisturizing eye cream can replenish moisture at night.
    • 9, eye makeup remover with special makeup liquid refreshing eye cleansing liquid can gently and thoroughly remove the general even oily waterproof eye cosmetics, and can moisturize the eye skin at the same time.
    • 10, moisturizing and sunscreen products: antioxidant products, moisturizing facial mask, plastic therapy and cell mother liquor.
    • 11, enjoy the life and diet scientifically and regularly, maintain a happy mood and a peaceful mind. Reduce the generation of free radicals.