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Rf Wrinkles Facial Treatment Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Machine
  • Rf Wrinkles Facial Treatment Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Machine
  • Rf Wrinkles Facial Treatment Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Machine

Rf Wrinkles Facial Treatment Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Machine

Protection grade:Avoid high temperature when indoors
Unit attachment classification standard:conforms to GB9706.1-1999
Use power:220V. 50HZ
Output power:0-50W
Total power:300W
Total weight of packaging and instrument: 38KG-41KG

The microwave radiofrequency instrument is a facial cosmetic instrument that replenishing water, dampness and anti-aging. By means of high speed operation to promote hyaluronic acid and other beauty products, the product is injected directly into the skin base layer about 0.1mm~0.15mm without injuring the epidermis cells on the basis of ultra-fine, super high speed and straight out. True zero trauma, comfort and painless, to avoid pain and edema caused by injection of needles, is a noninvasive, noninvasive, noninvasive, needle - injected water injection that can really replace injection of a needle.

The radiofrequency waves directly reach the deep layer of the skin fatty layer, update the fat structure, and dissolve the stubborn fat in depth, reduce the volume of the fatty mass. The dissolved substance in the fatty mass, (triglyceride), absorbs the radiofrequency heat and quickly decomposes into free fatty acid and is dissimilated into carbon dioxide and water.

  • Protection grade: Indoors to avoid high temperature
  • Product model: MW02A
  • The main function: Whitening, replenishing water and moisturizing
  • Unit attachment classification standard: Conforms to GB9706.1-1999
  • Use power: 220V. 50HZ
  • Output power: 0-50W
  • Total power: 300W
  • Size: 50cm*55cm*120cm
  • Total weight of packaging and instrument: 38KG-41KG
  • Instrument accessories: power cord, ground wire, probe, instructions.
Operation Steps:

1. The preparatory stage:

A, must use distilled water or pure water, add water quantity to overflow hole outlet water as the standard, change water 7-10 days.

B, the inlet of the instrument and the plug of the overflow port are removed. It is strictly forbidden to operate at the heat source.

Connect the power supply and accessories of the instrument. The LCD on the panel is extinguished. After checking, it will enter the working state.

2, treatment stage:

First, open the total switch "power" behind the chassis, at this time the LCD panel shows: time TIM is "30", power Energy is "20", this is a normal state. Let the custom lie on the bed, and ready to receive treatment.

 Operation suggestion:



1. The above is only the recommended reference value, and can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances of customers. The individual's ability to bear energy varies from person to person, suggesting that energy should be gradually adjusted from small to large according to the customer's ability and feelings.

2. Pulse wave: apply to the face! Straight wave: lifting with double chin, thicker body fat! Triangular wave saw tooth wave: can be used for sensitive parts of the skin or red blood customers; eye small wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes; whitening and tender skin.

3, the customers with serious facial and eye problems or the perfect effect are recommended for two courses or at the end of the first course to consolidate the course of treatment, and the period of consolidation may be weekly or every 10-15 days / times.

Precautions for operation:

1. before the operation, put the probe on the palm of the hand to test the heat and feel the energy is moderate.

2. do not stay in the same place for a long time during operation.

3. when treating eyes, the operator requires gentle manipulation and avoid overweight.

4. the treatment site is strictly forbidden to wear any metal items.

5. do not make up on the day of treatment, or clean the scope of treatment before treatment.

6. in the process of treatment, the head should not be directly directed to the eyeball.

7. liposuction surgery must be treated in the rear for 1 months.

8. menstrual period and 3 days before and after, the effect of alcohol is not good.


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