Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Machine
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Health care series
Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Machine
  • Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Machine
  • Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Machine

Physiotherapy Electrotherapy Machine

Min.Order Quantity:  1 Set
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Through physical electrotherapy, hyperthermia, this product can quickly dredge the meridians, adjust the body, relieve the body fatigue, eliminate the body sub-health state, strengthen the body immunity, make the human Qi and blood unobstructed, the disease conditioning, the disease-free, the health and the health and longevity.

  • 1. Shape size (mm): 32*22*5
  • 2. Output frequency: 1500Hz
  • 3. Power supply voltage: 220V
  • 4. Output current: 0-20mA
  • 5. Rated power: 100W
  • 6. The use of temperature 15~35 C
  • 7. The main function: physical therapy and health care
  • 8. Technical type: medium frequency electrotherapy
  • The machine is small and portable and easy to carry.
  • As long as there is power, it can be used at any time whether it is in the company or home, conditioning the body.
  • The machine adopts intelligent adjustment system, and the output is stable and reliable.
  • The machine is equipped with various protection circuits, overheating, over current, over voltage, automatic power failure protection function.
  • The display is clear with LED.
  • The machine is equipped with current real-time display function, which can display the current output current in real time.
  • Friendly man-machine interface, the machine is simple to operate. With a little training, you can use it skillfully.
  • The machine is controlled by remote control. It can adjust the current size according to personal preference and endurance ability to achieve the best conditioning effect.
  • The machine is equipped with voltage transformer, and the transformer input AC voltage ~22A. Output DC12v 1A DC power, output directly connected to the machine to achieve voltage and current stability and reliability.
Suitable For:

Sub healthy people, hyperpiesia, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipemia people, health care cosmetology, body fatigue, cold and cough, cervical pain, lumbar pain and other kinds of pain, gynecological diseases.


1. The equipment should work in a clean environment to ensure the stability of the output.

2. Please do not use and store machines in the open, hot and humid environment.

3. When used, please complete the insulation equipment.

4. The Thunderstorm Day is strictly prohibited.

5. It is forbidden to contact metal objects, especially charged metals (such as charged mobile phones and notebooks) when using this machine, and the bare feet are prohibited from touching the uninsulated ground (such as cement ground and marble ground).

6. The operation of this equipment requires a certain degree of expertise, not prohibited by training.

7. There is high pressure in the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble.

8. Personal injury or equipment damage caused by improper storage, transportation, operation, and improper use will be irrelevant to this device.