Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device 1.0
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Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device 1.0
  • Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device 1.0

Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device 1.0

Voltage range: AC100V-AC240V
Adapter voltage: DC12V 4A
Rated power: 10W
Product Description:

The principle is that the skin is lifted slightly by a sound pressure machine before the micro-needle enters, so that the skin is kept tight and the needle enters the exact depth with multiple needles to inject nutrients (such as hyaluronic acid and collagen).

Scope of treatment:
The aging of forehead, temples, eyes, mouth and alar can be improved rapidly.
Protruding cheekbones can be relieved;
Plump the cheeks;
Plump lips;
Improve acne pit (atrophic scar);
Improve pore size and neck pattern.
Product advantage

The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument is the gold standard for drug introduction. It is suitable for injections of various exogenous and endogenous liquids.

The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument uses up to 5 needles at the same time, which improves the efficiency of injection and increases the speed of treatment. The depth of injection, dose, speed of injection and the intensity of adsorption can be adjusted.

The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument uses precise software operating system to ensure injection depth (skin level) and dose; drug or blood anti-reflux design ensures that the injection is at the target.

It is Korean original product, which can be quantitatively fixed speed fixed needle depth free adjustment data injection filling water light injection, placenta, PRP, PPP, PPC and so on. And there is no waste of drugs! Moreover, strong adsorption negative pressure brings a little pain and no bruise to customers’ body. It can inject to the medium embryo of skin layer, including hydration, whitening, rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, freckle removal, compact, elastic, compact lifting, penetrating luster, fine pore, improve pigmentation, skin regeneration, strong anti-aging, acne, childlike appearance. It is the latest injection technology in Korea. And it takes advantage of the cooperation of activity control depth, injection frequency, average injection volume, speed and suction so as to lead you into a more professional course of treatment. This machine can use various micro filler, placenta and so on. It can make the skin absorb to soften and replenish water without causing nodules. It can safely, quickly and steadily regain the feeling of water ripple. Because of its minimally invasive effect, it can improve the skin compactness and make the dry skin smooth and delicate.

For consumers, Injection can directly replenish water to the dermis, with a good effect of locking water. And it has a high safety, takes short time, non-surgical cosmetic therapy, takes no vacation, and can work normally after operation. For the partners, the operation is simple, and the beauty practitioners can operate after standardized operation training. The cost is low with a fast investment recovery, and the profit space is very broad. The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument was first developed by Korea, which is not a simple cosmetology. Inversely, it is the skin research center of the International Academy of Aesthetic Medical Sciences that after five years, based on the clinical data of more than 200,000 women's skin cosmetology in Korea, the United States and China, finalized the high-end skin cosmetology formula in 2011. It has multiple functions of replenishing water, lifting, whitening, improving fine wrinkles, dry lines and some real wrinkles. After treatment, the face is full of tight and tender feeling. Because of its quick and long effect, it spread rapidly to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong after its popularity in Korea, and was nicknamed as the "secret weapon" of stars before they appeared on the screen. Principle of The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument for tendering skin: The water content of skin cells is as high as 70% in the basal layer, but only 15% in the outer layer of cuticle. Therefore, it is the ultimate goal of moisturizing and moisturizing to let water penetrate into the skin. The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument is to transport Hyaluronic acid to the dermis through mesodermal therapy, which fills the skin with water, improves wrinkles and restores elasticity.

The Hydro Optical Injection Instrument uses sound controlled negative pressure technology, which can accurately replenish nutrients needed by skin at the depth of 1.28mm in dermis layer. Its principle is to raise skin slightly with a sound pressure machine before micro-needles enter, so that the needle enters the exact depth after the skin is maintained compact and injects nutrients (e.g. gelatin) with multi-needles. The adjustment of injection volume can be adjusted by simple buttons on the OLED screen behind the equipment. In addition, the microneedle has released the pressure of the syringe before it comes out, so it will not cause the loss of nutrients.

Hyaluronic acid is an acidic mucopolysaccharide with special water-retaining function. It is a moisturizing substance found in nature. It is called the ideal natural moisturizing factor (NMF). For example, 2% pure hyaluronic acid solution can keep 98% water firmly. Hyaluronic acid is a multifunctional substrate. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely distributed in various parts of the human body. The skin also contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid. The maturation and aging process of human skin also changes with the content and metabolism of hyaluronic acid. It can improve the nutritional metabolism of skin, make skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increase elasticity and prevent aging. It is also a good transdermal absorption promoter while retaining moisture. In combination with other nutrients, it can play a more desirable role in promoting nutrient absorption.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely distributed in connective tissue of human body, and exists almost in pure form in bovine vitreous body and articular cavity. Hyaluronic acid (HA), which exists in the skin, plays an important role in the metabolism of human epidermis. The destruction or maladjustment of human hyaluronic acid (HA) can cause diseases. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is also known as an anti-aging factor because of the decrease and destruction of the content of HA in the skin, which can cause the skin to lose water, wrinkle and elasticity, and make the epidermis senile. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the main matrix components of human skin epidermis and dermis. Its physiological function is to make water enter the cell gap and combine with protein to form protein gel, which can stick the cells together and play a normal role in cell metabolism. By accelerating the recovery of skin tissue, it will improve wound healing and regeneration ability, reduce scars, and enhance immunity.

B. PRP + Hyaluronic Acid
(Autologous serum stem cell therapy, autologous serum injection, stem cell cosmetology, vampire therapy)
Interpretation of PRP therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) means is rich in platelets in Chinese, plasma or rich growth factor plasma. PRP technology refers to the use of their own blood to extract high concentrations of platelets and a variety of self-growth factors in the plasma. These factors play an important role in promoting wound healing, cell proliferation and differentiation, and tissue formation. Previously, PRP was mainly used in surgery, cardiac surgery and burn department to cure large area burns, chronic ulcers and limb ulcers which could not be cured before.

As we all know, women are made of water. Metabolism begins to slow down with age increasing from 18 to 25. Collagen in the dermis begins to lose slowly, while skin loses its former luster. And then skin will become dry and dull. Daily skin care products are difficult to absorb and use by skin, and it is more difficult to hide the dryness and dullness of the face for cosmetics products. The "skin tender queen" can break through the barrier of the epidermis and transport it to the depth of 1.28MM of the dermis layer, effectively lock the moisture, make the skin full, plump and beautiful. Usually, due to sunshine, radiation, lighting and other factors on weekdays, it can lead to dullness, darkness and dullness of the skin. White factors and antioxidants are transported to the dermis through DQ, thus it can repair damaged skin cells and make the skin delicate, white and lustrous again.

What is hydro optical injection?
Hydro optical injection is a direct injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin.
  • It can make facial skin moist, soft and glossy.
  • It can improve small wrinkles, bring obvious effect.
  • It can bring you about an artist's smooth and bright skin, and can solve the problem of lack of moisture in the dermis.
Comparison between hydro optical injection and traditional water supplement
Hydro optical injection
The concept is that the hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the skin through the dermis and acts on the cells. A hydro optical injection is equivalent to one thousand times mask, and the moisturizing factor skin dermis can reach (80%)
Traditional water supplement
There is a boundary between the way of smearing and eating to the absorption of human body. Only provide moisture to the skin epidermis and maintain the dermal dermis, the water supplement can reach 10%.