Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device
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Beauty Whitening Series
Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device
  • Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device
  • Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device
  • Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device

Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device

Commodity name: Hydro Optical Needle Instrument
Commodity origin: China
Injection depth: the dermis (0---2.0mm)
Generic skin: for any skin
Product weight: 5KG
Product Description:

Multiuse Mesotherapy Injection device is imported from Korea. It is equipped with high end aviation aluminum box. Beauty Cube Hydro Optical Instrument with needles that depth of needle can be adjusted at will. It can whiten, replenish water, rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkle, weaken spot and remove pox. Support nine needles and five needles, has negative pressure and zero leakage.

Product function
  • 1. Deep cleansing
    That is to help patients remove waste and cosmetics from the surface of the skin before the operation, so as to prepare for the next skin beauty.
  • 2. Skin sedation and relaxation
    Doctor applies a layer of hemp on the face of the patient to prepare the injection with Hydro Optical needles.
  • 3. Beauty skin
    By injecting proper amount of hyaluronic acid into the face of the patient, the skin will be compacted and the wrinkles will be removed.
  • 4. Care after service
    After the injection of hyaluronic acid, the patient's face will be nursed to ensure better absorption of the injected hyaluronic acid and improve the therapeutic effect.
  • 5. Internal adjustment with Chinese Medicine
    Use traditional Chinese medicine to remove skin toxins, calm and smooth the skin, promote the physiological circulation of the skin, and make the skin tender and white.
Effect of Product
Hydro Optical Needle whitening set meal can inject transparent texture into skin moist skin by using negative pressure technology and solve many problems such as dull, dry and fine lines of skin. It can effectively reduce skin wrinkles, shrink pore, eliminate acne and acne marks, and restore skin moisture, transparency and compactness by adopting multiple level and multiple angle treatment programs.
Principle of Hydro Optical Needle whitening set meal

Introduce hyaluronic acid (macromolecule) injections into skin chamber and subcutaneous tissue to strengthen skin knowledge. The hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the epidermis and dermis by means of negative pressure needle. Collagen and other advanced products are brought into the skin to enhance the brightness of the skin and make it look moist and tender. Repair the cells that have withered and broken skin, awaken the skills of cell regeneration, so as to achieve whitening, lifting and water tenderness and plumpness.

Hydro Optical Needle whitening, beauty your face and make you a perfect woman.

Replenishing water
Hydro Optical Needle whitening set meal applies the Middle therapy, which can stimulate skin metabolism, shrink and refine pore, and make skin more compact and smooth.
Skin rejuvenation
One gram of hyaluronic acid is the equivalent of a liter of water, and the Hydro Optical Needle is to supplement the deep layer of hyaluronic acid to the skin. The effect of water supplement is very good, and lasting moisturizing for long, so that the skin can be lasted moisturizing luster.
Skin whitening
Hydro Optical Needle set meal can stimulate skin metabolism, expel melanin from human body quickly, improve dark yellow and dry skin, understand skin color while replenishing water, and make skin bright and white.
Wrinkle removal
One gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 16 times of collagen. Hydro Optical Needle whitening can fill depressed and sagging skin, stretch facial fine lines and crow's tail lines, CHUAN lines, and tighten skin.