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Health care series
Breast Enlargement Massager Machine With Vacuum Pump Bust Enhance Beauty Equipment
  • Breast Enlargement Massager Machine With Vacuum Pump Bust Enhance Beauty Equipment
  • Breast Enlargement Massager Machine With Vacuum Pump Bust Enhance Beauty Equipment

Breast Enlargement Massager Machine With Vacuum Pump Bust Enhance Beauty Equipment

Min.Order Quantity:  5 Set
Payment terms:    :  T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Shipment              :  DHL, UPS, Fedex or other other logistic line
Product Introduction:

Through the penetrating, selective and warm nature of the infrared ray, this product can detect and massage the breast, maintain the ovary and kidney at the same time, and then use the biological current designed to imitate the beating frequency of the human heart, directly affect the brain's pituitary, thus adjust the endocrine and re-secrete the hormone to achieve better efficiency. Fruit.

  • Product model: NR300H-1
  • Product Name: breast enlargement machine
  • Main function: breast enhancement
  • Applicable site: breast
  • Technical types: thermotherapy and micro electricity
  • Working voltage: AC100V-AC240V
  • Rated power: 20W
  • Standard weight: 12KG
  • Product size: 116.5cm*31.5cm*48.5cm
  • Accessory assembly: host and handle
Working Principle:

1. Detection principle: using infrared probe to detect the breast with near-infrared light scanning, the penetration of the mammary tissue is strong because of infrared light (penetrating human tissue 3-10cm) and selectivity (the hemoglobin mainly selected blood, that is, the hemoglobin in the blood has strong absorbability to infrared light and produces gray level. " Effect), forming a gray shadow image, thus discriminating various breast diseases.

Detection range: accurate examination: mammary gland hyperplasia, mammary cyst, acute mastitis, and mammary duct dilatation; accurate diagnosis: breast catheterization, breast cancer, papilloma, and mammary fibroma. Early discovery! Early prevention! Early treatment!

2. Adsorption principle: through the principle of negative pressure, using light, electricity, and heat to replenish the energy of the chest cells to subcutaneous 8, rearrange the muscle fiber structure, accelerate blood circulation, dredge the mammary gland tissue, accelerate the lymphatic circulation and discharge the toxin and waste. To achieve the efficacy of prevention and treatment of all kinds of breast diseases. At the same time, through the far infrared generation of energy to increase the stimulation of the first organ to make the chest absorb sufficient nutrition, cell division quickly accelerate, make the connective tissue regeneration, make the chest natural plump and upright.

Function range: breast enhancement, correction of chest shape, nipple subsidence, detoxification, scraping, the scattering of honey tissue and butt shaping.

3. Physiotherapy principle: through imitation biological current to stimulate the mammary gland catheter, dredge the mammary gland ducts, and then through the infrared thermostatic effect, accelerate the blood circulation, activate the cell, supplement the nutrient and accelerate the metabolic function.

Function range: dredge the mammary duct, soften the nodules and lumps in the breast, maintain the ovary, maintain the kidney and relieve the cold.

Working Diagram: