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OPT E-Light Shr Ice Beam Skin Softer Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine
  • OPT E-Light Shr Ice Beam Skin Softer Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine
  • OPT E-Light Shr Ice Beam Skin Softer Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine

OPT E-Light Shr Ice Beam Skin Softer Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine

Product brand :Merope   
light area :4 c㎡
The range of use :face, legs, armpits, total body   
light times :600 thousand times
Product function:hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne   
light wavelength:525-1250nm
Input power:250W

The photoelectric ice hair removal machine is the most advanced method of permanent laser hair removal. According to the principle of selective photoelectric action and the laser photoelectric hair removal instrument of ice point semiconductor laser, the laser penetrates the surface of the skin to keep the hair follicle at a certain temperature and mildly causes the hair follicle and the surrounding stem cells to lose its activity and achieve permanent photoelectric hair removal. The photoelectric ice hair removal machine can remove a large area of cool and painless, remove excess hair, effectively protect the surrounding skin, so that the beauty can quickly depilate.

  • Product brand: Merope
  • The range of use: Face, legs, armpits, total body
  • Product function: Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne
  • Input power: 250W
  • Rated voltage: AC100-240V
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
  • Power mode: Plug in power
  • Light area: 4cm2
  • Light times: 600 thousand times
  • Light wavelength: 525-1250nm
  • Light wave property: HPL (Home pulse light)
  • Standard configuration: Host, handle, power supply, instructions
  • Product quality: 0.55kg
  • Product size: 230*193*100mm
Details Introduction:

The Merope mp860-I OPT photoelectric ice hair removal machine is from England. The photoelectric ice hair removal machine is a new type of pulse mode and repetition frequency. Through technical advantages, the hair removal speed can be raised to 3-5 times, making the large area of hair removal more simple, computer control, simple operation, so that the operator and the experienced people feel very relaxed.

Traditional hair removal methods, applying the honey wax hair removal does not only waste time but also pay efforts, and feel painful. The use of hair removal forceps is also painful, using the razor knife, hair is getting thicker. The depilatory cream is used to remove hair and chemical residue has great side effects. Therefore, the use of MP860 OPT hair removal instrument is the best choice.

The photoelectric ice hair removal machine using laser hair removal gold standard 810nm semiconductor laser. Through a specially designed double pulse laser, the skin is irradiated only with low energy density. The skin tissue and hair follicle are heated through the first laser pulse in the epidermis of Lido. Second pulses selectively increase the temperature of the hair follicle to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle is maintained at this temperature for a period of time. The hair follicle and the growing stem cells lose the growth activity, thus achieving a long-term hair removal purpose.

The biggest difference in the mechanism between the photoelectric ice hair removal machine and the traditional laser hair removal is that the traditional laser hair removal should burn the hair follicle in high energy instantaneously, and the photoelectric ice hair removal machine gently causes the hair follicle to lose its activity automatically, so it can achieve long hair removal and not excessively stimulate the skin to avoid pain or risk.

Merope mp860-I OPT photoelectric ice hair removal machine permanent hair removal technology is the most advanced permanent laser hair removal method introduced at present, aggregated a number of international leading patent technologies, semiconductor laser 810 depilatory "gold standard", the most advanced global contact cooling, flying point scanning, Free-moving super sliding technology 12mmX12mm super. A large light spot. Fully surpassing Lightsheer (Leshill) and flying ton freezing point hair removal technology, becoming the king of hair removal technology. The speed of hair removal is over 3-5 times that of traditional one so that it can achieve rapid, freezing point, zero touches, painless hair removal, and truly achieve the perfect combination of efficiency, safety, and feeling.

The photoelectric ice hair removal machine can penetrate deep into the deep and subcutaneous adipose tissue, quickly and thoroughly remove the hair of any part and depth of the body. It is easy to operate and can achieve permanent hair removal. The new double pulse mode of ice point depilation ensures that it does not produce heat damage at the same time that the hair follicle is heated, and the overheating reaction will not occur. The process can be carried out in a state of almost no pain. The speed of the ice point depilatory treatment is 3-5 times higher than that of the traditional depilatory method, and there is no side effect after the ice point depilatory operation, which does not affect the normal work and life of the recipients.

high tech cold light hair removal to the skin of cold anesthesia, the use of black pigment cells in the hair follicle to specific band light absorption, produce light pyrolysis reaction, destroy hair nipple part of the hair follicle, do not damage the skin sweat gland, thus achieve permanent hair removal effect. At the same time shrinkage pores, whitening skin.

Apply to:
repair eyebrows, remove the hair of the higher and lower lip, remove whole face hair, remove pubic hair, take off hand hair, take off armpit hair, take off the big and small leg hair, remove collaterals, whiskers, change hair line, remove the breast hair and other parts of excess hair.

The photoelectric ice hair removal machine will not affect normal life, nor need to ask for leave. Although the photoelectric ice hair removal machine requires multiple treatments, the duration of each treatment is very short, the shortest takes only 5 minutes, and the longest takes only half an hour or so.

In addition, OPT hair removal instrument has four major effects. First, it can remove acne, can remove freckles, old age spots, shrink pores, remove blackhead and acne, improve the secretion of skin fat. Second, it can dispel spots. Third, it can rejuvenate the skin, can shrink pores, make skin color uniform. Fourth, it can remove hair and remove excess hair from the human body.


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